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Product: Divinyl Glycol

Quantity: 750kg/year

Destination: Canada

Product: Sodium Chlorate

Quantity: 600 Metric tonnes

Destination: Singapore

Product: Prochlorperazine

Quantity: 50 Grams

Destination: Pune, Maharashtra

Study of DNA repair wins Nobel prize for chemistry 2015

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 is awarded to Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for having mapped, at a molecular level, how cells repair damaged DNA and safeguard the genetic information. Their work has provided fundamental knowledge of how a living cell functions and is, for instance, used for the development of new cancer treatments. Tomas Lindahl is from Francis Crick Institute and Clare Hall Laboratory, Hertfordshire, UK; Paul Modrich from Howard Hughes Medic ...


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