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Product: Dimethylamine

Quantity: 2 ISO Tanker / month

Destination: Bangalore , India

Product: Urea Formaldehyde Co..

Quantity: 600 tons

Destination: Haiphong Port,Vietnam

Product: Potassium Carbonate

Quantity: 1 X 20 FCL

Destination: Kolkata , West Bangal

New drug for ebola may originate from Bangalore, India

BANGALORE, INDIA: India may well be the place where the drug to fight the killer Ebola virus originates, with two drug candidates discovered in Bangalore among the first 20 to be evaluated in the UK for efficacy against deadly virus. Efforts are on world over, including the UK, to create compounds and molecules that can fight Ebola, but Bangalore’s contribution will make India the only developing nation to have done any serious work. The two novel compounds or drug candidates have been de ...

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