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Synthetic Chemist

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Indianapolis, IN, UNITED STATES

Posted Date : 19-Apr-2018

Interface with biologists, biochemists and computational chemists to generate and exploit opportunities. Generate and execute ideas based on a sound biological hypothesis. Design & synthesis of novel molecules to meet project needs. Analysis of biological data to drive structure activity relationship (SAR). Generate sound data, document, communicate, and provide clear interpretation of it. Establish and deliver long-term technical leadership in the area of synthetic organic chemistry and SAR.

Skills : written and verbal communication skills in english, Interpersonal skills, Analytical skills, Problem solving


QC Analytical Technician

Lonza Inc.

Nansha, CHINA

Posted Date : 19-Apr-2018

Strictly follow the standard operating procedures for various inspections. Fill out or review the original records and inspection reports timely and accurately. Actively participate in laboratory work such as reagent preparation, instrument calibration, method calibration, and cleaning. Participate in job instruction and training on time to ensure that their own testing efficiency and technical ability meet the requirements. Assist superiors in improving and perfecting laboratory operations or testing procedures to continuously improve inspection efficiency.

Skills : Communication skills, Analytical skills, Laboratory Management, QC


Quality Assurance Engineer

Agilent Technologies, Inc


Posted Date : 18-Apr-2018

Consult with engineers in R&D and Manufacturing on the design of new products to meet compliance and quality objectives of performance, reliability, manufacturability, usability, supportability and annual failure rate. Work and communicate in a worldwide, cross-functional team environment that includes R&D, marketing, finance, manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain. Provide Quality function support, such as writing quality plans and representing Quality on new product introductions and engineering changes. Lead quality plans and requirements and foster an environment of continuous improvement.

Skills : Analytical skills, Problem solving, Project management skills, written and verbal communication skills in english


Deputy Manager – Process

BASF Asia Pacific

Thane, INDIA

Posted Date : 18-Apr-2018

Coordinate the production work and monitor the production in absence of production manager. Assist the supervisor in personnel management, e.g. staffing, working performance, etc, train the employees on up-to-date production methods/skills. Execution of projects along with central engineering team and be part of the executing team as well as ensuring to complete within the specified deadlines. Study and map existing processes and benchmark against best practices in the region. Initiate daily product inspections in various stages of production to ensure the quality of the products. Raise relevant process records to Operations Leader in order to plan , set and update process requirements as and when necessary.

Skills : Communication skills, Analytical skills, Project management skills, Chemical Engineering


Senior Research Scientist



Posted Date : 18-Apr-2018

Synthesize target compounds utilizing a blend of both classical and modern technology effectively. Modify reaction conditions in accord with visual observations to allow rapid, successful production of target compounds. Use a broad spectrum of practical laboratory skills as needed; including advanced methods of purification of solvents and reagents, running reactions under anhydrous and oxygen free conditions, and using advanced methods for isolation/purification of sensitive materials. Utilize all available techniques and analytical instrumentation for monitoring laboratory experiments and the analysis of products effectively.

Skills : Analytical skills, Project management skills, Organic Chemistry, written and verbal communication skills in english


QC Chemist

Clariant Chemicals (India) Limited

Bonthapally, INDIA

Posted Date : 18-Apr-2018

Do the routine wet chemistry analysis work for the R&D samples as planned by the team leader. Follow the test procedures for the analysis as provided by the team leader. Maintain the wet lab instruments in good working condition and in calibrated state. Timely reporting of all the analytical work done. Optimisation of the resources utilisation for timely and effective deliveries. Data interpretation and reporting to team leader. Get trained on all the techniques regularly used in the wet lab. Comply and maintain all the safety standards as applicable to the analytical lab. Ensure that everyone inside the lab follows the same standards.

Skills : Communication skills in written and spoken English, Analytical skills, Laboratory Management, QC, Organic Chemistry


Research Technologist

NOVA Chemicals Corporation

Calgary, AB, CANADA

Posted Date : 17-Apr-2018

Handle and prepare samples for characterization / assessment. Maintain accurate records of laboratory work. Document analytical procedures, results and observations, write and contribute to reports describing results, and interpreting data. Contribute to standard operating procedures and laboratory test procedures. Maintain laboratory equipment. Present work activities and progress to work team and leadership. Understand and apply Responsible Care principles, practices and procedures.

Skills : written and verbal communication skills in english, Interpersonal skills, Analytical skills, Computer Knowledge, Problem solving


Chemist- Quality Assurance Testing

Avantor Performance Materials

Bakersfield, CA, UNITED STATES

Posted Date : 17-Apr-2018

Assist in the supervision of Technical Writers. Assist with the coordination of product design and development planning. Coordinate design transfer activities (feasibility reviews, design reviews, post production product reviews). Conduct annual Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) product reviews. Coordinate Design and Development verification and validation activities. Evaluate impact of process improvement efforts and manufacturing deviations on process validations and product design. Generate and/or review Validation Master Plans and associated validation protocols. Generate and/or review Installation, Operation, and Process Qualification documentation for manufacturing and testing instrumentation.

Skills : Communication skills, Analytical skills, QA, Chemical Engineering


Quality Control Chemist II

Cambrex Corporation


Posted Date : 17-Apr-2018

Perform a wide variety of chemical analysis for release of raw materials, intermediates, and finished goods. Recommend, develop, and maintain lab programs including stability, calibration, preventative maintenance, reduced testing, check sample, IQ/OQ, etc., to comply with cGMP regulations and audits. Perform in-depth lab investigations of non-complying test results. Write controlled documents such as stability reports, test procedures, SOPs, SAPs, etc.

Skills : Communication skills, Analytical skills, Laboratory Management, QC


Laboratory Analyst

Westlake Chemical Corporation


Posted Date : 17-Apr-2018

Analyze raw material, products, intermediate and by-products of the Operating Unit using modern methods, instrumentation, and techniques to ensure product quality. Identify and attempt to correct problems as they arise. Perform assigned duties needed to keep the lab functioning efficiently. Act as a liaison between lab and production to ensure an open line of communication.

Skills : Analytical skills, Computer application skills(Excel and Word)), Laboratory Management, written and verbal communication skills in english

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