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Laboratory Technician

Royal DSM


Posted Date : 01-Dec-2017

Display and promote positive safety behaviors at all times; use proper personal protective equipment, appropriate safety tools, equipment and procedures to ensure that self and others go home safe each day; that area and equipment operate at the highest safety levels; that all people in the area (lab techs, quality personnel, maintenance, visitors, contractors, etc.) comply with the safety directives and keep the area neat and clean. Ensure incidents are investigated, reported, and risks are assessed in a timely basis.

Skills : Interpersonal skills, Leadership skills, Computer application skills(Excel and Word)), Analytical skills, written and verbal communication skills in english


Principal Scientist

Bayer AG


Posted Date : 01-Dec-2017

Analyze various formulations to determine their chemical stabilities or degradation kinetics, perform structure elucidations for impurity identification, study product degradation mechanisms by using chromatography, mass spectroscopy, or spectrophotometry techniques. Ensure regulatory compliance in lab and documentation practices and provide assistances for out-of-specification investigations at global manufacturing sites.

Skills : Analytical skills, Problem solving, Communication skills


Assistant Manager - MS &T

Pfizer Inc

Aurangabad, INDIA

Posted Date : 30-Nov-2017

Provide engineering support in Technology transfer activities of new projects and existing plant to plant transfer.Provide the engineering solutions the trouble shooting /investigation in the production plant and provide the CAPA recommendations and Prepare investigation summary reports. Study the batch manufacturing process, identify the bottle neck stages and debottleneck the stages to enhance the production rate.

Skills : Troubleshooting, Chemical Engineering, written and verbal communication skills in english


Lab Technician

Evonik Industries AG

Xinzhuang, Shanghai, CHINA

Posted Date : 30-Nov-2017

Perform lab work requested mainly by SiYPro Technical team. Be familiar with ESHQ requirement and support Lab Manager by monitoring lab’s daily procedure, meeting the ESHQ standard. Follow standard operating procedure for product testing. Work closely with technical and commercial team by provide on-time lab results. Do performance testing, competitor comparison testing and simulate plant setup in the lab. Perform screening tests for best suitable additives for our formulation.

Skills : Chemical Engineering, Laboratory Management, written and verbal communication skills in english


Formulations Chemist

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Indianapolis, IN, UNITED STATES

Posted Date : 30-Nov-2017

Exploration, proof of concept, and development of novel formulation and delivery system technologies and concepts for new and registered active ingredients. Collaboration with other sub-functions within PD&P and functions across the company to deliver maximum success, such as analytical R&D, process development, application technology, biology, regulatory, operation and commercial teams. Collaboration with external companies or universities to evaluate novel and promising technologies for DAS applications.

Skills : written and verbal communication skills in english, Interpersonal skills, Problem solving, Chemical Engineering


QA Specialist

Lonza Inc.


Posted Date : 30-Nov-2017

Maintenance of quality concept in food cGMP, FAMI QS, HACCP, ISO 9001 etc. Create risk analysis. Perform quality training across the company. Represent QA at project meetings. Approve deviations and other non-conformities. Represent Quality during customer, regulatory or internal audits. Release products.

Skills : written and verbal communication skills in english, QA, Project management skills


R&D Chemist

Agilent Technologies, Inc

Waldbronn, GERMANY

Posted Date : 29-Nov-2017

Work in an R&D environment developing new HPLC instrumentations. Work in a multidisciplinary team with engineers and scientists to define instrument testing procedure. Conduct testing of new HPLC instruments to verify performance. Summarize results and share results with engineers to optimize instrument design for best performance. Specifying instrumentation. Verifying and documenting research and design specifications.

Skills : Chemical Engineering, Skills in German language, Communication skills, Problem solving


Lab Executive

BASF Asia Pacific

JuiNagar, INDIA

Posted Date : 29-Nov-2017

Actively represent and support objectives and interests of the function, both internally and externally. Visibly live and communicate the BASF identity and culture, communicate and implement the regional and local Code of Conduct. Contribute to best business practices in line with BASF corporate guidelines. Operate the instruments as per Standard Operating Manual (SOP). Perform quantitative as well as qualitative analysis to support process development projects.

Skills : Organic Chemistry, Analytical skills, Communication skills


Associate Scientist



Posted Date : 29-Nov-2017

Collect, review existing process and analytical development and commercial manufacturing/QC data to support one or more of MSAT mission. Participate in designing of experiments. Conduct necessary experiments, contribute to understanding and interpretation of results. Participate in recommending changes or additional experiments. Set-up, and maintain laboratory, and MSAT tools/systems.

Skills : Chemical Engineering, Communication skills, Presentation skills


Research Scientist

Kemira Oyj


Posted Date : 29-Nov-2017

Planning, coordinating and conducting laboratory tests to assess physical/chemical properties and performance of materials in oilfield applications (e.g. core flooding, porosity and permeability measurements, interfacial tension, and wettability alteration). Assist in installation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of specialized equipment designed for oilfield applications (ex. core flooding system). Identify and develop testing methodology to support process and product development.

Skills : written and verbal communication skills in english, Interpersonal skills, Computer Knowledge

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