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Phenylmagnesium Bromide

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Phenylmagnesium bromide is so commonly used that it is commercially available as a solution in diethyl ether or tetrahydrofuran (THF). Phenylmagnesium bromide is a Grignard reagent.It is widely used in labs.

Chemical Properties

Appearance Colorless Crystals
Boiling Point 78.8 °C
CAS Number 100-58-3
Class 4.3
Density 1.134 g/mL
EINECS Number 202-867-2
IUPAC Name bromo(phenyl)magnesium
InChI 1S/C6H5.BrH.Mg/c1-2-4-6-5-3-1;;/h1-5H;1H;/q;;+1/p-1
Molar Mass 181.31g/mol
Molecular Formula C6H5BrMg
PG 2
Solubility Insoluble
Synonyms Phenylmagnesiumbromide (6CI);Bromomagnesiobenzene;Bromophenylmagnesium
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