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Sucrose Octaacetate

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Sucrose octaacetate is an acetylated derivative of sucrose. It is used commercially and industrially in a variety of applications. It is used as an inert ingredient in pesticides and herbicides. It has been approved by the FDA as a food additive. It has a bitter taste which has led to its use as bitterant and an aversive agent. The chemical has also been used to determine tasters from non-tasters in mice.

Chemical Properties

Appearance White to Creamy White Powder
Boiling Point 260 °C
CAS Number 126-14-7
Class NA
Density 1.27 g/cm3
HS Code 29400090
IUPAC Name Acetic acid [(2S,3S,4R,5R)-4-acetoxy-2,5-bis(acetoxymethyl)-2-[ [(2R,3R,4S,5R,6R)-3,4,5-triacetoxy-6- (acetoxymethyl)-2-tetrahydropyranyl]oxy]-3-tetrahydrofuranyl] ester
InChI 1S/C28H38O19/c1-12(29)37-9-20-22(40-15(4)32)24(42-17(6)34)25(43-18(7)35)27(45-20)47-28(11-39-14(3)31)26(44-19(8)36)23(41-16(5)33)21(46-28)10-38-13(2)30/h20-27H,9-11H2,1-8H3/t20-,21-,22-,23-,24+,25-,26+,27-,28+/m1/s1
Melting Point 82-85 °C
Molar Mass 678.59 g/mol
Molecular Formula C28H38O19
NFPA 704 H-1,F-0,R-0,C-NA
RTECS Number WN6620000
Solubility Slightly Soluble
Synonyms Sucrose, Octaacetate;a-D-Glucopyranoside, 1,3,4,6-tetra-O-acetyl-b-D-fructofuranosyl, tetraacetate;2,3,4,6,1',3',4',6'-Octa-O-acetylsucrose;NSC 1695;Octa-O-acetylsucrose;Octaacetyl Sucrose;Saccharose Octaacetate;Sucrose Octaacetate
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