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Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid 3D Structure-Molecule 3D Struture
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Sulfuric acid Structure-Molecule Struture
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Sulfuric acid is a strong mineral acid. It has many applications, and is a central substance in the chemical industry. Principal uses include lead-acid batteries for cars and other vehicles, ore processing, fertilizer manufacturing, oil refining, wastewater processing, and chemical synthesis.

Chemical Properties

Acidity −3
Appearance Clear liquid
Boiling Point 337 °C
CAS Number 7664-93-9
Density 1.84 g/cm3
EINECS Number 231-639-5
HS Code 28070010
IUPAC Name Sulfuric Acid
InChI 1S/H2O4S/c1-5(2,3)4/h(H2,1,2,3,4)
Melting Point 10 °C
Molar Mass 98.08 g/mol
Molecular Formula H2SO4
NFPA 704 H-3,F-0,R-2,C-W
RTECS Number WS5600000
Related Compounds Sulfurous Acid;Peroxymonosulfuric Acid;Sulfur Trioxide;Oleum
Solubility Miscible
Synonyms Oil of Vitriol;Dihydrogen Sulfate;Ridolene 123;Sulphuric Acid;Vitriol Brown Oil;Sulfuric Acid;BOV;Brimstone Acid
Viscosity 26.7 cPs
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