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Chemical Today is a monthly magazine launched as an extension of Annually the magazine covers around 50 sectors in the chemical industry, focussing on 4 to 5 sectors each month. Other than the usual suspects – the Cover Story, Features, Events and Interviews, we will regularly feature Green Chemistry/Sustainability, IT In Chemicals, Automation, Logistics and Research & Development (R&D) By Youngsters. With the coverage of 50 vital sectors in chemical industries, the publication is more than a boon for the readers who constantly follow the most happenings around chemical industries & chemistry. A finely designed & healthy printed hard copy gives an overall magnificent look to the magazine. Chemical Today magazine comes with a supplementary copy that’s purely dedicated for a specific theme related to chemical industries and that’s more than just a compliment.

Editorial Calender 2017

JANUARY Plastics & Polymers, Rubber, Speciality, Fine, Basic Chemicals
FEBRUARY Food Additives, Emulsifiers, Sugar, Health, Dairy
MARCH Cosmetics, Soaps & Detergents, Surfactants, Enzymes & Hormones
APRIL Paint & Coatings, Paint Additives, Propellants, Aerosols, Industrial Gases, Gas Treatment
MAY Flavours & Fragrances, Cleaning & Sanitation, Biocides
JUNE Textile, Inks, Dyes, Pigments, Glass & Ceramics
JULY Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Oleochemicals, Lubricants, Coolants Fluids, Fuels
AUGUST Surface & Coating, Adhesives & Sealants, Electroplating, Metal Treatment
SEPTEMBER Construction, Fertilizers, Leather, Solvents, Electronic
OCTOBER Agrochemicals, Pulp & Paper, Wood Preservation, Treatment, Mining, Resins
NOVEMBER Pharma & Bulk Drugs, APIs, Lab Chemicals
DECEMBER Water Treatment, Water Additives, Silicones, Catalysts


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