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Water treatment chemicals, a modern appr ...

“Millions lived without love, none without water!” This dihydrogen infused oxygen molecu ... [Read more...]

6:29 AM, 22nd May 2017

by Worldofchemicals

How do leavening agents make dough rise? ...

Have you ever noticed soft, fluffy, porous and foam nature of doughs? Even we might have observed in ... [Read more...]

10:24 AM, 17th April 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Why the statue of liberty is colored blu ...

Most people are acquainted with the Statue of Liberty which really is a gift from the individuals of ... [Read more...]

9:49 AM, 3rd March 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Solvent effects on chemical reaction

A solvent can be any substance, that turns into a solution by dissolving a solid, liquid, or gaseous ... [Read more...]

9:43 AM, 22nd February 2017

by Worldofchemicals

How does salt lower the freezing point o ...

When the winter season arrives you might have probably observed the highway department spreading sal ... [Read more...]

6:21 AM, 14th February 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Benedict’s reagent test for Monosacchari ...

In the college days, all of us might have done simple chemistry tests. Generally, chemical tests use ... [Read more...]

12:23 PM, 3rd February 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Industrial Production of Diethyl Ether

Diethyl Ether is an ether class of organic compound. Basically, it has characteristics of colourless ... [Read more...]

5:17 AM, 21st January 2017

by Worldofchemicals

How to prepare sodium acetate at home?

Chemically, sodium acetate is a mixture of various elements sodium (Na) atom, two carbon(C) atoms, t ... [Read more...]

6:51 AM, 13th January 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Production of ethyl acetate by esterific ...

Ethyl Acetate is a most familiar ester of ethanol which you can easily remember by its regular usage ... [Read more...]

9:52 AM, 9th January 2017

by Worldofchemicals

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