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Why Theobromine is Toxic to Dogs and Oth ...

Does anybody know chocolate can cause toxic/death to our pets? The main culprit is, a compound pres ... [Read more...]

9:52 AM, 5th October 2016

by Worldofchemicals

Eco-friendly chemistry for a safe Holi

Holi, the most colourful festival of India, bids farewell to winter and announces the arrival of spr ... [Read more...]

9:11 AM, 25th March 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Colours in vegetables, a work of chemist ...

Vegetables are important in rational nutrition and shows favorable influence on the functions of the ... [Read more...]

7:27 AM, 22nd January 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Chemistry of enzymes makes digestion eas ...

Food is considered as one of the essentials in day to day to human life or in fact animals and other ... [Read more...]

10:12 AM, 8th April 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Hormonal Love – Cosmo Aroma Attraction – ...

Biochemicals, chemical messengers, mood swingers, plant growth regulators what ever may be the names ... [Read more...]

11:37 AM, 22nd November 2013

by Worldofchemicals

How to Start Using Isopropyl Alcohol for ...

Most of our households cabinets are having Antiseptic, Astringent medicines etc. and some of those ... [Read more...]

6:46 AM, 26th October 2016

by Worldofchemicals

Tantalum Carbide – new shielding materia ...

This is a golden age of science fiction cinema. If you wish to watch any science fiction cinema, all ... [Read more...]

12:05 PM, 4th January 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Liquefied petroleum gas Vs Compressed na ...

Development of any region in the world mainly depends on the transportation. The basic infrastruc ... [Read more...]

6:44 AM, 19th October 2012

by Worldofchemicals

8,400 - 10,000 chemicals in tobacco smok ...

How many chemicals could possibly be packed in one tiny cigarette that you so casually smoke every h ... [Read more...]

4:56 AM, 11th December 2012

by Worldofchemicals

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