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Microbial fuel cell – for conversion of ...

Abstract A microbial fuel cell (MFC) is a bio-electrochemical system that converts the chemical ene ... [Read more...]

4:55 AM, 18th May 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Bio-Butanediol – from renewable sources

Abstract The global 1,4-butanediol (BDO) industry is one of the burgeoning industries. Biological p ... [Read more...]

9:24 AM, 9th April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Electrocoagulation-new technology for th ...

Abstract One of the basic requirements of a human being is Water. Globalization, un-controlled popu ... [Read more...]

5:59 AM, 6th April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Biosimilars - Collaterals to the origina ...

Abstract  In the year 1980, first generation biopharmaceutical products were manufactured usin ... [Read more...]

9:32 AM, 4th April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Rapid lead compounds discovery through h ...

Abstract High-Throughput Screening (HTS) is an approach to drug discovery that has gained widesprea ... [Read more...]

10:48 AM, 2nd April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Simulated Moving Bed Chromatography- An ...

Abstract Chromatographic processes play an important role in the production of bio-pharmaceuticals. ... [Read more...]

10:24 AM, 2nd April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Self-healing hydrogels and its industria ...

Hydrogels are water-swollen, cross-linked polymeric structures produced by reactions of monomers or ... [Read more...]

10:18 AM, 2nd April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Micro reaction Technology – for miniatur ...

Abstract In recent times chemical compounds need greater speed in the discovery process, which requ ... [Read more...]

10:14 AM, 2nd April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

Dendrimers for drug delivery

Abstract Dendrimers are novel and exciting class of highly branched three-dimensional polymer in ... [Read more...]

9:57 AM, 2nd April 2012

by Worldofchemicals

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