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Great significances of oxygen

Oxygen is a tasteless gas. Oxygen has no smell or color. It comprises 22 per cent of the air. Oxygen ... [Read more...]

10:45 AM, 12th February 2014

by Worldofchemicals

Food Browning by Maillard Reaction

When you chopped onion and fried on pan, and added the onions together with a pinch of baking soda d ... [Read more...]

11:28 AM, 16th September 2014

by Worldofchemicals

International Literacy Day - To Place Si ...

International Literacy day, an unforgettable day celebrated by the whole world is marked on 8th of S ... [Read more...]

11:54 AM, 7th September 2016

by Worldofchemicals

Significance of Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is an inorganic compound with chemical formula CuSo4. Pentahydrate is the most commo ... [Read more...]

5:08 AM, 10th August 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Few Important Points On Gold

1. What is gold? Gold is an element with atomic symbol as Au and with atomic number as 79. In its ... [Read more...]

5:09 AM, 11th July 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Organic chemistry – study of carbon comp ...

Organic chemistry can be defined as the study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organi ... [Read more...]

9:19 AM, 6th September 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Carbonic Acid: Occurrence, Preparation, ...

Carbonic acid: Carbonic acid is a chemical compound with the chemical formula as H2CO3 and molecula ... [Read more...]

7:18 AM, 17th October 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Enzyme chemistry for biofilm removal

What is a Biofilm?   Biofilm is a collection of bacteria encased in extracellular polymeric s ... [Read more...]

6:17 AM, 29th January 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Toluene - additive for racing fuels, fue ...

Toluene is an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent often referred as methylbenzene. Toluene is widely used i ... [Read more...]

6:06 AM, 25th January 2014

by Worldofchemicals

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