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Bionanotechnology and its applications

Abstract Bionanotechnology is a division of nanotechnology which uses biological starting materia ... [Read more...]

7:53 AM, 7th June 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Eco-friendly chemistry for a safe Holi

Holi, the most colourful festival of India, bids farewell to winter and announces the arrival of spr ... [Read more...]

9:11 AM, 25th March 2013

by Worldofchemicals

Is the air you breathe, safe?

Try this, hold your breath for 10 seconds. How does it feel? Difficult isn’t it? Though we all ... [Read more...]

9:15 AM, 4th December 2016

by Worldofchemicals

Why the statue of liberty is colored blu ...

Most people are acquainted with the Statue of Liberty which really is a gift from the individuals of ... [Read more...]

9:49 AM, 3rd March 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Few interesting things about Arsenic you ...

Arsenic and its properties: Arsenic is a chemical compound with atomic number 33 and symbolised ... [Read more...]

7:37 AM, 19th September 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Actualities about Plutonium

Plutonium is a chemical element with the atomic number 94 which is radioactive in nature& ... [Read more...]

12:04 PM, 18th August 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Organic chemistry – study of carbon comp ...

Organic chemistry can be defined as the study of the structure, properties, and reactions of organi ... [Read more...]

9:19 AM, 6th September 2017

by Worldofchemicals

6 things about nitrogen you should know

1. What is nitrogen? Nitrogen is one of the most significant elements in organic chemi ... [Read more...]

8:06 AM, 9th August 2017

by Worldofchemicals

Why Do We Need Glutathione Antioxidant?

As we have a tendency to age our bodies which tend to supply a lot of free radicals and insufficient ... [Read more...]

11:44 AM, 19th March 2016

by Worldofchemicals

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