Archroma is a global color and specialty chemicals company committed to innovation, world-class quality standards, high service levels, cost-efficiency and sustainability. Archroma is headquartered in Reinach near Basel, Switzerland, and operates with approximately 3000 employees over 35 countries.

Through its three businesses: Textile Specialties, Paper Solutions and Emulsion Products, Archroma delivers specialized performance and color solutions to meet customer needs in their local markets. Every new innovation develop today at Archroma combines their rich tradition of materials excellence and expertise, their market insight, and their commitment to talent management and the specialty materials and chemicals sector.

The company vision is to deliver leading and innovative solutions, enhancing people’s lives and respecting our planet and their mission is for growing business by leveraging local entrepreneurship and their global organization in a collaborative way. They enable their customers to win in their market, the company push limits to outperform and the company never give up!

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