Neogen Chemicals Limited, INDIA


Neogen Chemicals LimitedINDIA


Neogen Chemicals Limited is a dynamic and professionally managed company that is engaged in the manufacturing of speciality Bromine, Lithium and Cycloalkane compounds which are used in the field of Pharma, Agrochemicals, Refrigeration, Flavors and speciality solvents. Neogen Chemicals products range as  3-Bromopropyne, 1-Bromobutane, 1-Bromo-2-Methylpropane, 2-Bromo-2-Methylpropane, 1-Bromo-3-Methylbutane, 1,10-Dibromodecane, 1,5-Dibromopentane, 1-Bromo-3-Chloropropane, 1-Bromo-5-Chloropentane, Bromobenzene, 1-Bromonaphthalene, Lithium Bromide Solution, Allyl Magnesium Chloride, Phenyl Magnesium Bromide, 2 Chlorobutane, Chlorocyclopentane etc.

Neogen Chemicals was founded in 1991 by an experienced and highly qualified technocrat who built the organization around the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency to make world-class eco-friendly products. Neogen Chemicals Limited Quality of our product is the biggest and most important driving force in Neogen. It affects our process decision, systems and production operations. Hence quality is the most important issue which is discussed and monitored in Neogen at all levels. We have also made our systems as per ISO 9002 specifications. We also export our products to various countries in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia over and above catering to the customers in our home country, India.

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