DSM unveils new anti-soiling coating PV solar glass

DSM unveils new anti-soiling coating for PV solar glass

10:24 AM, 15th July 2017
DSM anti-soiling coating boosts the IRR of PV solar projects. (File photo)
DSM anti-soiling coating boosts the IRR of PV solar projects. (File photo)

SHANGHAI, CHINA: Royal DSM has unveiled its new anti-soiling (AS) coating for photovoltaic (PV) solar glass. The new coating provides a unique combination of anti-soiling and anti-reflective properties and is aimed specifically at PV modules in dry, desert-like climates.

It delivers a performance win-win for the growing number of solar parks by securing highest module output, while simultaneously boosting electricity output further by reducing soiling losses from dust and dirt – traditionally a major challenge in arid conditions. DSM’s Anti-Soiling coating brings direct performance improvements and indirect maintenance savings, boosting the internal rate of return (IRR) of PV solar projects.

The new AS coating is based on DSM’s proprietary core-shell sol-gel technology, which provides a high transmission gain. The coating composition has been modified to minimise dust adhesion while optimising dust removal. The product has been extensively tested by DSM, various leading institutes and module manufacturers, both in the lab and in outdoor test locations all over the world.

DSM is now scaling up the AS coating to production size and the product is available for pilot scale testing. DSM is working with the world’s leading PV solar glass manufacturer Flat Glass Group (FGG), based in Jiaxing City, China, to supply DSM Anti-Soiling coated PV glass to modules manufacturers.

While solar energy has become a key part of the global energy mix over the past decade, more work is needed for it to increasingly become a global and financially viable alternative to fossil fuels – which essentially means reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) of solar PV. The new AS coating aims to achieve this by boosting module output in the field; building on the success of DSM’s industry-leading anti-reflective coatings - which already deliver a 3 percent energy gain in flash tests.

“In extensive testing at the TUV SUD desert test site in Dunhuang in China, we have shown that this new anti-soiling coating consistently outperforms our own industry leading anti-reflective coating in terms of power – each month more than 1 percent extra on average,” said Jan Grimberg, global business director, DSM Advanced Solar.

“The actual performance at the customer will depend on local conditions, including the type of soiling and climate conditions. We are convinced that by using this coating, the financial performance of PV parks in arid climates, the IRR can be improved by the combination of higher energy output due to less soiling losses and reduced cleaning costs,” added Grimberg.

“Over the last 20 years, Flat has become a large-sized glass manufacturer with total assets of more than 4 billion Yuan and integrated research and development, manufacturing and processing facilities of glass.

"DSM and FGG have been cooperation partners for several years now and we worked closely on a variety of new product and new technology development activities. We are extremely proud to bring for the first time to the market solar modules coated with the innovative DSM anti-soiling coating, fulfilling an unmet need of our customers, who want to reduce the soiling rates and number of cleaning cycles, want easier and faster cleaning with less consumables such as scarce water, and lower residual soiling after cleaning,” said Edwin Zhao, general manager of FGG Solar PV Glass.

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