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9th May 2018

Pausing evolution makes bioproduction of chemicals affordable, efficient

The key is to rewire production cells to only grow when they contain high product concentration.

7th May 2018

Green catalysis technique to boost pharma manufacturing efficiency

The new technique relies on novel, elastic silicone-chemistry based microspheres developed by the research team using microfluidics.

7th May 2018

Engineers pioneer greener, cheaper technique for biofuel production

The novel technique developed by the NUS team could potentially be a game changing technology for cost effective and sustainable biofuel production.

7th May 2018

New study to change future air research

The results will help other researchers understand how pollutants from a power plant might transform in the atmosphere and impact a downwind community.

7th May 2018

Plastic fantastic – researchers turn plastic pollution into cleaners

This breakthrough will be of interest to water companies worldwide and the next stage will be to see how it might clean-up other pollutants.

11th April 2018

Paints and varnishes based on potato starch

The use of starch as the main component of paints and varnishes posed various challenges to the Fraunhofer experts.

11th April 2018

Researchers discover new method to harvest 'green' sunscreen ingredient

The researchers found a more efficient way to harvest the UV-absorbing amino acid known as shinorine, which marine organisms like cyanobacteria and macroalgae produce.

11th April 2018

New fuel cell technology runs on solid carbon

The technology has the potential for improved utilization of carbon fuels, such as coal and biomass.

11th April 2018

Corralling xenon gas out of waste streams

Metal-organic frameworks have been very successful in separating the gas in a way that may make it far less expensive than existing means of producing it.

23rd March 2018

Hydrogen gas from enzyme production

Scientists at Freie Universitat Berlin and Ruhr-Universität Bochum investigate biological production of “energy source of the future.”

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