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14th November 2017

Airline industry could fly thousands of miles on new bio-jet fuel

Sugarcane that produces oil, called lipidcane, that can be converted into biodiesel or jet fuel in place of sugar that is currently used for ethanol production.

10th November 2017

Lignin – much more valuable than just as waste

At the University of Boras a team of researchers investigate methods to extract and refine lignin for better purposes than burning it.

9th November 2017

Biodegradable microbeads from cellulose

Microbeads are found in cosmetics and personal care products such as toothpaste, sunscreen, hair gel and shower gel.

7th November 2017

Cheaper, greener biofuel processing catalyst identified

The bio-oil produced in the lab from algae contains impurities like nitrogen and oxygen, but treating it with palladium as a catalyst helps remove those impurities to meet clean-air requirements.

28th September 2017

Discovery towards sustainable source of fuel additive ethanol

Stanford scientists have designed a large copper catalyst that produces ethanol from carbon dioxide and water.

28th September 2017

Turning dirty tinfoil into biofuel catalyst

A new way to convert dirty aluminium foil into a biofuel catalyst, which could help to solve global waste and energy problems.

27th September 2017

Making concrete from wood

Concrete that largely consists of wood offers the construction industry new possibilities and is based in large part on renewable resources.

27th September 2017

New additive enhances CO2 conversion to multicarbon fuels

The goal of chemists is to artificially create multi-carbon liquid transportation fuels using the widely available ingredients of sunlight, water and CO2.

27th September 2017

University, Australian firm collaborate for scientific research

Investigating the potential of a non-toxic, environmentally sustainable solvent produced from waste cellulose – promises to be a greener way to produce a wide range of medicines and other products.

1st September 2017

A more sustainable process for metal extraction

The innovation could help reduce negative environmental impacts of metal extraction from raw materials and electronic scrap.

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