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21st July 2017

New method to create next fuel-efficient renewable energy developed

Methanol, sometimes called wood alcohol, is the simplest alcohol that can be produced, requiring only water, carbon dioxide and energy.

20th July 2017

Chemistry undergraduates help fuel innovative energy research

Fellowships power hands-on work under faculty mentors in the USC Loker Hydrocarbon Research Institute.

20th July 2017

Bio-based p-Xylene oxidation into terephthalic acid by engineered E.coli

TPA is a globally important chemical commodity for manufacturing PET.

20th July 2017

How gold can recycle biofuel waste into useful additive

Gold nanoparticles serve as catalysts for obtaining valuable chemical products based on glycerol.

6th July 2017

Sustainable ceramics without a kiln

New material can withstand about ten times as much force as concrete before it breaks.

5th July 2017

Upcycling 'fast fashion' to reduce waste and pollution

Scientists report new progress recycling clothes.

3rd July 2017

Natural dye garden promotes a greener fashion supply chain

Dye garden – produces a variety of colours that come from the natural world.

1st July 2017

Sustainable biomedical textiles for the future

Textiles are especially suitable for use on and in the human body.

1st March 2017

New catalyst mimics nature to break tenacious carbon-hydrogen bond

Chemists design catalysts that are capable of breaking and forming bonds in order to build complex chemical structures

18th February 2017

Tiny plants with huge potential

Nutritional scientist and plant physiologist investigate potential of duckweed.

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