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19th May 2018

Songwon launches new range of antioxidants

Antioxidant that provides lubricating oils with excellent protection against thermo-oxidative degradation by reacting with and stabilizing free radicals.

19th May 2018

Sealed Air elects Jerry Whitaker chairman of the board

Jerry whitaker is a member of sealed air board of directors.

19th May 2018

Sabic launches new hard-coated Lexan sheet

Lexan Margard FHC10 sheet's proprietary silicone-based formable hard coating uses dual-cure (thermal/thermal) technology.

19th May 2018

Perstorp changes name of low-carbon runaway deicers

Pergrip Run effectively deices runways, ensures safe take offs and landings even in the harshest of weather, while minimising harmful effects to the environment.

18th May 2018

Ozone-destroying chemical emissions on rise despite ban

Once widely used as a foaming agent, production of CFC-11 was phased out by the Montreal Protocol in 2010.

17th May 2018

US JCPOA withdrawal forces Total to drop SP11 project plans

SP11 is a gas development project dedicated to the supply of domestic gas to the domestic Iranian market.

17th May 2018

ExxonMobil, BASF to jointly develop gas processing technologies

BASF will market, and license technologies developed from this collaboration.

16th May 2018

ADNOC, OCP to establish world-class fertilizers joint venture

Move that will accelerate the execution of both ADNOC and OCP’s international strategies.

16th May 2018

Indorama to acquire majority stake in Israeli fabric firm

Acquisition strengthens Indorama's global footprint in leading markets.

16th May 2018

Kaneka to buy 34.8 pc stake in AB-Biotics

Concluded a license agreement for production and sales of its probiotics products.

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