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11th January 2018

BASF launches website to show repair work progress on citral plant

Regular updates also include information about product availability after start-up.

10th January 2018

Mosaic completes acquiring Vale Fertilizantes

Luciano Siani Pires has been elected to Mosaic’s board of directors.

10th January 2018

Govt looks to split GAIL into 2 units, separate marketing operations

The discussions come at a time when the government is working on completing ONGC acquisition of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation to bolster both the entities.

10th January 2018

Celanese issues statement regarding proposed JV with Blackstone

Brings together complementary tow portfolios to drive innovation and enhance cost competitiveness.

10th January 2018

New alloy catalyst for making fuels from shale gas

The new alloy catalyst is resistant to coking, so it retains its activity and requires less energy to break the bonds than other materials.

10th January 2018

Bacteria makes blue jeans green

Scientists have developed a greener method to produce the coveted tint – using lab-grown bacteria.

9th January 2018

Kraton unveils new corporate website

Mobile-friendly and browser compatibility for convenient multi-device access.

9th January 2018

AkzoNobel, Gasunie plan to build Europe's largest green hydrogen plant

Looking to convert water into green hydrogen using sustainable electricity.

9th January 2018

Arsenic and algae: finding sustainable water purification systems

Finding ways to use algae as a water purifier is the focus of new research at UNM.

9th January 2018

Fluor completes work on power lines in Puerto Rico

Fluor has more than 1,800 people on the island dedicated to the restoration of power.

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