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14th November 2017

Lanxess India expands its CSR thrust in Nagda

To maintain overhead water tank in Mehatwas. Development & maintenance of municipal garden in Nagda. To install solar street lights in Mehatwas & Durgapura.

14th November 2017

Westlake announces public offering of senior notes

The notes are expected to be guaranteed, jointly and severally on a senior unsecured basis, by certain of Westlake’s subsidiaries.

14th November 2017

Hikma acquires six products from Boehringer for €3 million

The acquired products are Alupent, Gastrozepin, Paracefan, Partusisten, Spiropent and Mantadan.

14th November 2017

Airline industry could fly thousands of miles on new bio-jet fuel

Sugarcane that produces oil, called lipidcane, that can be converted into biodiesel or jet fuel in place of sugar that is currently used for ethanol production.

14th November 2017

Shell to sell interest in Woodside Petroleum for $1.7 bn

Upon completion of the sale, Shell’s subsidiary, Shell Energy Holdings Australia Limited will continue to own a 4.8 percent interest in Woodside.

14th November 2017

Solvay, Strata finalizes joint venture for Boeing

Partnership expands UAE’s industrial capabilities with high-tech carbon fiber prepreg manufacturing facility in Al Ain.

14th November 2017

BASF launches new refining catalyst

Allows refiners to improve operations and maximize profits.

13th November 2017

New constituent “Missing Link” A mystery that explains the origin of life in earth

New hypothesis by the scientist in early times on how the possibility for chemical structures to become biological systems.

13th November 2017

Adverse effect of agricultural chemicals on the environment

Various effects of Agricultural chemicals on the environment and their harmfulness and causes of poisoning in the environment.

10th November 2017

Braskem, Haldor Topsoe to develop biobased monoethylene glycol

The companies invest in the construction of a demonstration plant in Denmark.

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