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13th March 2018

Befriending the Dragon: Opportunities in Chinese specialty chemicals market

China's specialty chemicals market has been the fastest growing specialty chemicals market when compared to the rest of the world.

21st February 2018

Innovation remains the driver of European chemical industry

Brexit remains a future threat to European chemical sector, notably exports, and demand important reforms to prevent the plausible risks.

24th January 2018

Rise of the chemical sector

South East Asia chemical sector produces all three ie. basic, specialty and consumer chemicals.

28th December 2017

Chemical sector: Outlook and opportunities

Australian chemical sector has shown minor improvements in its employment statistics, average wages in the industry are witnessing a decline.

13th December 2017

Chemical sector continues to be backbone of economic growth

South Korea continues to adopt enhanced technology from various developed countries to compete as a global and regional chemical hub.

6th November 2017

Iran chemical industry to get relief from economic embargo

The progress of chemical sector in Iran will depend on the construction of unfinished projected that were kept on hold due to imposition of international sanctions.

16th September 2017

Chemical sector patches revival and growth prospects post crisis

Chemical sector accounts for a significant section of GDP in Japan

19th August 2017

Asia Pacific chemical sector in midst of steady recovery

Asia Pacific has emerged as a hub for chemical manufacturing and exports over the recent past.

26th July 2017

Russian chemical industry continues to be in the midst of a slowdown

Ineffective government regulations and outdated industry standards in Russia are likely to hinder demand for the chemical products, and inhibit growth of the global market.

21st June 2017

South Africa to show demand in chemical subsectors

Opportunities in the chemical sector are likely to be focused within a small number of subsectors.

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