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26th July 2017

Russian chemical industry continues to be in the midst of a slowdown

Ineffective government regulations and outdated industry standards in Russia are likely to hinder demand for the chemical products, and inhibit growth of the global market.

21st June 2017

South Africa to show demand in chemical subsectors

Opportunities in the chemical sector are likely to be focused within a small number of subsectors.

9th June 2017

Chemicals sector: Opportunities abound in this lucrative market

Chemical industry is focusing on following environment-friendly solutions in their entire supply chains.

26th May 2017

Providing platform for sustainable chemistry

Opportunities in the Middle Eastern countries for the chemical industry.

21st April 2017

New policy for the Brazilian oil and gas sector

New policy is going to attract investment and job creation in the oil and gas sector

18th April 2017

Brazilian chemical industry outlook

A long term growth opportunity despite the last 2-year decline; Is this the right time to enter and capitalize?

15th April 2017

South American chemical industry losing its momentum

The momentum was slowed down to a significant level by the global financial crisis.

27th March 2017

Chemical industry witnessing exceptional resurgence

Basic chemicals and plastic resins continue to gather power in multiple industrial verticals

20th February 2017

Doing Business the EU way !!

EU is working to improve its online tools so you can quickly establish which legislation is applicable to you and help you decide what you need to do in response.

18th February 2017

Focus on chemical-pharmaceutical industry in Germany

For historical reasons, the geographic centre of the German chemical and pharmaceutical industry is along the Rheinschiene.

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