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20th September 2017

Tanning chemicals market share led the overall industry

The global leather chemicals market share for footwear led the overall business in 2016.

19th September 2017

Use of bio based and green solvents is on the rise in APAC

Penetration of bio based and green solvents is the new rising trend in the APAC industrial solvents market.

18th September 2017

Growing urbanization is setting construction industry at pace

The main use of construction chemical is to strengthen the structure with enhanced durability.

18th September 2017

Additives demand is set to increase in coming years

Fertilizer additives improve the quality and stability of fertilizers and soil, avoid loss of nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulphur.

16th September 2017

Global electronic chemicals market to grow at 6 pc till 2026 – Report

Asia-Pacific is the largest consumer of electronic chemicals on account of huge and rising manufacturing of polychlorinated biphenyls and semiconductors.

15th September 2017

Fine chemicals market to reach $191 billion by 2021 – Report

Continuous double-digit growth of pharmaceutical industry has contributed to demand growth for fine chemicals as the market reaches $190 billion market by 2021.

29th August 2017

Bio-based paraxylene in bioplastics PET bottles to create new opportunities

The rising demand for PET bottle resin in soft drink and mineral water bottles is further boosting the paraxylene market.

29th August 2017

Industrial adhesives to expand moderately in volume terms

Major application of industrial adhesives is in automobile industry, using these adhesives as a substitute to metal fasteners reduces weight of the vehicle by almost 15 percent.

28th August 2017

Adhesives & sealants to make cars lighter, tougher

Adhesive consumption per vehicle is expected to increase, as automotive designers continue to exploit the cost saving potential of adhesives.

19th August 2017

Acrylic coatings to provide eco-friendly solutions

Acrylic surface coatings are segmented on the basis of their substrates into concrete, plastic, metals, and wood.

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