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21st April 2017

Anti-reflective coatings global analysis and opportunity 2017-2027

Anti-reflective coating glasses offer greater comfort by the reduction of painful sunlight glare

20th April 2017

Aerosol market trend analysis and forecasts 2014 – 2025

Rising demand for aerosol based products is in the medical industry

17th April 2017

Automotive coatings market analysis and forecasts 2014 – 2025

The key driver for the market is growing demand for powder coatings

5th April 2017

Chemical sensors Asia Pacific market analysis 2015 – 2025

Low cost and portable nature is expected to fuel the growth of chemical sensors market

4th April 2017

Soy-based surfactants industry outlook & forecast 2016 – 2023

Soybeans are an important source of three natural products namely soy lecithin, protein and saponin

3rd April 2017

Cosmetic ingredients global analysis & opportunity 2015-2025

The demand for good quality cosmetic products is fuelling the cosmetic ingredient market

27th March 2017

Car wash detergents & soaps global analysis 2016-2026

Car washing is gaining significant traction among consumers across the globe

23rd March 2017

Brewing enzymes global analysis & forecast 2016 – 2024

Every enzyme has a different function resulting in fast brewing of beer

20th March 2017

Oil & gas, energy and chemicals in 2017

In 2017, chemical players will shift their focus to high-growth emerging markets and segments

7th March 2017

India paints and coatings market

The India paints and coatings market was valued at $6,194.05 million in 2015

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