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18th November 2017

Finding a new way of drug development

New method for direct conversion of a variety of double bond-containing internal alkenes into multifunctional intermediates through the implementation of a chiral catalyst and a unique oxidant.

4th November 2017

Building a car of the future

One of the major focuses the research is to create an open access facility for the automation of high volume carbon fiber composite production.

18th September 2017

Giving back to nature

This reactor is extremely flexible as it can be readily started and shut down, can operated at wide range of pressures and can easily be integrated in the proposed containerized plant.

16th September 2017

Strengthening concrete with tyre fibers

Fibre-reinforced concrete significantly helps reduce tyre industry's carbon footprint.

22nd August 2017

Making air, pollution free

To minimize air pollution and its effect on climate change, there is a need to achieve much higher removal efficiency.

21st August 2017

Sharpest anti-corrosion, anti-wear and repair technology

High-quality metal layers measured in tenths of a millimeter can be applied to large surfaces flexibly, efficiently and quickly.

27th July 2017

In search of new materials with exceptional properties

The research that is most likely to have impact is the work on materials that stop bleeding.

27th June 2017

Lighting up the world with Jamuns

Jamun is a purple coloured fruit, known as Java Plum.

12th April 2017

Benefiting with aerosol deposition in ceramics

Aerosol deposition bridges the mesoscale gap between two established technologies, thin films, and thermal spray coating technology

20th March 2017

In search of good food

Green chemistry has a direct relation with the food processing sector

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