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18th May 2018

Smart solutions from seaweeds

Nanomaterials from seaweed have huge scope in the field of nano-medicine and bioplastic, which will help both the environment and people inhabiting it.

2nd April 2018

Surfactant chemistry from a different perspective

Surfactants are amphiphilic molecules that can take a great variety of molecular structures.

16th February 2018

Making cheese a guilt free indulgence

The project is developing an improved understanding of the interplay between dairy fats and proteins within novel dairy products.

16th January 2018

Carving a sustainable future

Research focuses developing a robust fractionation protocol for the extraction of lignin fraction with predicted properties for the intended use.

27th December 2017

Let there be light

Research focuses on improving efficiency of photocatalytic water splitting process on perovskite family.

19th December 2017

A new direction towards carbon management

Ultimate goal is to build systems capable of providing valuable products at efficient rates for various needs, using atmospheric carbon dioxide as the source.

18th November 2017

Finding a new way of drug development

New method for direct conversion of a variety of double bond-containing internal alkenes into multifunctional intermediates through the implementation of a chiral catalyst and a unique oxidant.

4th November 2017

Building a car of the future

One of the major focuses the research is to create an open access facility for the automation of high volume carbon fiber composite production.

18th September 2017

Giving back to nature

This reactor is extremely flexible as it can be readily started and shut down, can operated at wide range of pressures and can easily be integrated in the proposed containerized plant.

16th September 2017

Strengthening concrete with tyre fibers

Fibre-reinforced concrete significantly helps reduce tyre industry's carbon footprint.

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