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16th January 2018

Plasticking sustainable growth

Indian industries should be trained and educated to basic environmental and friendly manufacturing processes.

3rd April 2017

Cleaning chemicals industry – focus on sustainability

ACI will be releasing its fourth Sustainability Report later this year

1st March 2017

Focus on plastics industry in Europe

The plastics industry in Europe is a major contributor to growth and development in the EU, ranking 7th in industrial added value

1st March 2017

2016: A mixed year for the German chemical industry

'For 2017, domestic business likely to stagnate, foreign sales to improve by 1.5 percent'

21st February 2017

Chlor-alkali industry in Europe

The chlor-alkali industry is one of the basic industry sectors, where most other industrial sectors rely on chlorine and caustic soda

13th February 2017

Focus on speciality chemicals industry in India

Chemical industry is a key enabler for other industries.

13th February 2017

Focus on Taiwan chemical industry

Taiwan is now facing highly competitive threats from the multinational companies who have a highly integrated supply chain.

10th February 2017

Alkali and chlor-vinyl industry in India

The Indian alkali industry is regarded by global peers as among the most efficient, eco-friendly and progressive industries.

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