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17th January 2018

Engineering the future of plastics

There is a tremendous growth potential for engineering plastics in Asia Pacific and India due to multiple factors such as high GDP and industrial production growth.

16th January 2018

Changing chemistries of changing times

The biggest challenge in India and other emerging markets is that they want the best quality product at the cheapest price.

16th January 2018

Digitizing the equation

With data as a new form of currency, companies need to generate digital data of their plants, processes and products.

27th December 2017

Automating the thoughts and imagination of the industry

The demand for chemicals is always on the increase with consumption being led by higher disposable incomes and urbanization.

26th December 2017

A pill of paradigm change

India is a leading pharma producer accounting for 20 percent of global exports in generics with a CAGR of 12 percent.

26th December 2017

Developing water chemistries: Improved environment & superior performance

Ecolab's range of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides is wide in terms of their ability to contain all possible micro-bio problems in cooling water arising in various extreme conditions.

20th December 2017

Nurturing quality with standards, excellence and perfection

The National Quality Summit has emerged as a platform to exchange views between large medium and small-scale industries.

19th December 2017

Revolutionizing measurements

SpectroSmart is world's smallest spectrophotometer, which costs 10x less than the conventional spectrophotometers and fits in your shirt's pocket.

18th November 2017

The energy meter of a chemical plant

Thermal processing is the back bone for all process industries – V Gokuldas.

17th November 2017

Etching growth through innovation

Utilizing different materials and altering valve design can help prevent unwanted rejections, such as valve corrosion or freezing.

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