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18th May 2018

Coating new possibilities

Growth in this market will be driven mainly by increasing demand for high-performance products in emerging and transitional economies.

18th May 2018

Striking out odor & germs

There is a clear demand for general hygiene, which is driving the biocide market globally.

18th May 2018

Revolutionizing coating technology

The growth prospective for Coatings is expected to be positive for most segments and regions, while still challenging for Marine and Protective Coatings.

18th May 2018

“Don't just change, transform”

India plays a significant role in Emerson's global innovation programme.

16th May 2018

Going hi-tech with medicines

Proteus is currently looking to bring more integrated medicines to take to the market.

16th April 2018

Oil & gas Corrosion Protection – Underground pipeline protection strategies

Coatings are natural choice to create a barrier for the corrosive environment in soils.

13th April 2018

Smarter, greener approach to coatings

Heavy metal free coating systems are being developed that have improved workability under variable application temperature and humidity.

12th April 2018

Making for a sustainable polymer world

Raw material suppliers like Kraton are becoming a more essential part of the value chain to ensure the delivery of sustainable end-use products.

12th April 2018

Mimicking coating applications from nature's lap

The self-healing and three-dimensional superhydrophobic coating is a simple and elegant approach to prolong the lifetime of artificial bio mimicked interfaces.

12th April 2018

Reaching new paradigms of business

Asia pacific and India are growing markets for petrochemical / chemical industry as major countries in this region are still developing economy.

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