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15th February 2018

Reinventing the chemical company with digital transformation

One of the most innovative changes in the chemical industry is the shift that has seen chemical companies become software companies.

15th February 2018

Connecting IT with operational and engineering technology: For asset performance modelling

The 3D reality mesh can provide the digital frame of reference aligning all IT, OT, and ET data with the real world.

25th January 2018

Bayer supports myAgro start-up to help smallholder farmers in West Africa

Small amounts of money are saved by farmers via mobile phones in the form of myAgro scratch cards and exchanged for high-quality seed and fertilizer

25th January 2018

Solvay opens flagship e-store on Alibaba platform

Solvay has developed a strong ambition to leverage online marketplaces, with a focus on growth and customer centricity.

24th January 2018

Digitalization – The path forward for the chemical industry

The potential of digital in chemicals enjoys significant excitement, just as there is about digital across society in general.

11th January 2018

Honeywell unveils Cloud Historian as part of its connected plant

Uniformance Cloud Historian leverages cloud technology to analyze data across multiple sites and increase uptime.

8th January 2018

Accelerating digitalization in chemicals: Five questions for CEOs

Within every chemical company, various functions and business units will be at different stages in the digital journey.

1st January 2018

Yordas to showcase Chemtrac software for toy industry

The Chemtrac software is the perfect solution for organisations that are struggling to monitor regulations associated with complex supply chains.

1st January 2018

Multiple chemical processes, multiple level measurement solutions

The need of the hour is to be future ready with next gen technologies.

13th December 2017

Industries slow to adopt cyber security measures: Honeywell

Almost two thirds of surveyed companies don't monitor for suspicious behaviour.

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