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24th February 2017

Kirloskar to use Honeywell's eco-friendly refrigerant for its chillers

New environmentally preferable refrigerant supports government initiative to phase down high-global-warming refrigerants

23rd February 2017

Clariant opens global competence haircare centre in Brazil

New centre will lead global haircare innovation projects

23rd February 2017

Clariant to launch beauty trends, formulations for personal care industry

Explore new products and metamorphosis formulations for face, body and hair care

23rd February 2017

PPG to showcase range of performance coatings

The company highlights its full complement of range Duranar, Durastar and Duraform coatings.

22nd February 2017

HRS showcases innovative heat exchangers & systems

Energy efficient and cost effective thermal technology is the key requirement for process industry

22nd February 2017

Metamaterial Technologies, Airbus partner to develop laser protection product

Metamaterial has also partnered with Covestro - which provides custom Bayfol HX photopolymer film for the product

22nd February 2017

Emergence of new advanced technologies in Indian pumps market

There is an increasing awareness among end users about the need to focus on energy cost and maintenance cost of pumps when making the purchase decision

22nd February 2017

Seal of safety on global food market

PerkinElmer Inc is a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world

22nd February 2017

Chemical detection technology market report 2016 – 2026

A recent trend of chemical detection equipment becoming portable is expected to fuel the global chemical detection market growth

22nd February 2017

BASF to launch new light stabilizers for wood, metal coatings

Five new, high-performance products from the Tinuvin DW (N) range for water-based systems

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