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2nd April 2018

Pneumatic actuator for diaphragm valves in sterile applications

The actuator is designed for diaphragm valves used for sterile applications in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

2nd April 2018

Vortex flow meters to enhance plant safety and reliability

Exclusive to Emerson, the Rosemount 8800 Quad Vortex uses a dual shedder bar, quadruple sensor, and quadruple transmitter configuration.

31st March 2018

Modern valve island enhances process reliability

The valve island is easy to install and its integrated monitoring and diagnostic functions improve process reliability.

31st March 2018

Safety valve for many oxygen applications

Oxygen handling requires extreme care to prevent application risks.

13th March 2018

Jacketed double window type sight glass & flow indicator

Nivz Valves is a leading manufacturer of jacketed double window type sight flow indicator and steam jacketed sight glass.

6th March 2017

Kirloskar speaks about triple duty valve & suction diffuser

The triple duty valve is made from cast-iron or ductile iron or cast steel with a stainless-steel trim

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