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9th October 2017

Soup additive to create a stretchable plastic electrode

The material is still a laboratory prototype, but the team hopes to develop it as part of their long-term focus on creating flexible materials that interface with the human body.

9th October 2017

Lithium batteries to run at ultra-low temperatures

New electrolytes made from liquefied gas enable lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors to run at extremely cold temperatures.

7th October 2017

When time ravages from within

Reinforced steel structures are checked regularly to detect damage early and prevent corrosion – the destruction of steel by penetrating chlorides.

6th October 2017

Taking concrete steps toward lower carbon dioxide emissions

Alkali-activated materials, promises to perform the same function and cut cement-related carbon emissions by up to 90 percent.

4th September 2017

Non-stick coating runs afoul of the spores

A new type of coating that prevents the build-up of mould, algae and bacteria could provide major benefits for building products, the marine industry and hospitals.

2nd September 2017

Lab scientists explore liquid electrolytes for energy technologies

The new method opens up the possibility to predict the electronic response in complex electrolytes for a range of applications.

2nd September 2017

Fixation of powder catalysts on electrodes

The envisaged industrial application necessitates catalysts to do their job for years. This new method could assist in achieving it.

19th August 2017

New materials to solve hypersonic travel heat up issue

The new carbide coating is vastly superior in resisting temperatures up to 3,000 °C, when compared to existing ultra-high temperature ceramics.

5th August 2017

New method dramatically simplifies olefin synthesis

New method expected to replace textbook reactions, enable syntheses of many new candidate drugs and other molecules.

28th July 2017

Omega-3 fatty acid stops lupus trigger, but how?

Lupus is considered a genetic disease and is activated not only by inhaling toxic particles in the air.

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