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14th March 2018

Developing new way to create nanoscale emulsions

This new technique enables a bottom-up approach to forming small-scale emulsions.

1st March 2018

Dietary sugar linked to bacterial epidemics

Resistance to fluoroquinolone antibiotics is likely one of the factors that is helping lineage RT027 cause epidemics.

1st March 2018

Tracking effects of food preservative on gut microbiome

UMass Amherst food scientists find transient effects on gut microbio.

11th January 2018

Toward a smart graphene membrane to desalinate water

A scalable graphene-based membrane for producing clean water.

11th January 2018

Reducing power plants’ freshwater consumption

To help save this water, researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have developed a new silica filter for power plant cooling waters.

11th January 2018

One-step 3D printing of catalysts developed

Catalysts can be built in one step by directly shining a laser through a bath of customized resins that polymerize and harden layer-by- layer.

11th January 2018

Common ‘oxygen sponge’ catalyst soaks up hydrogen too

In the catalytic converter, the catalyst cerium oxide grabs oxygen from air and adds it to carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to turn them into CO2, which is nonlethal.

9th October 2017

Soup additive to create a stretchable plastic electrode

The material is still a laboratory prototype, but the team hopes to develop it as part of their long-term focus on creating flexible materials that interface with the human body.

9th October 2017

Lithium batteries to run at ultra-low temperatures

New electrolytes made from liquefied gas enable lithium batteries and electrochemical capacitors to run at extremely cold temperatures.

7th October 2017

When time ravages from within

Reinforced steel structures are checked regularly to detect damage early and prevent corrosion – the destruction of steel by penetrating chlorides.

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