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18th May 2017

Nanobiotix announces first positive data in hot tumour studies

Data shows a specific, adaptive immune pattern triggered by NBTXR3 treatment

17th May 2017

Merck's expression system selected for bi-specific antibody development

Accelerates development timelines with faster, easier selection and scale up of clones

24th April 2017

Sawai to acquire Upsher-Smith's generic business for $1.1bn

Building a global trusted generics company

21st April 2017

PM Modi's push for generic drugs to shift focus to chemists: IPA

The choice of products/ medicines will be shifted from doctors to chemists, not patients

4th March 2017

Merck's allergy business opens biopharmaceutical lab in Germany

Allergopharma invests €42 million in the project, for manufacturing causal treatment products

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