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22nd August 2017

The future of specialty siloxane copolymer lubricants

Molykote is the brand name for the specialty lubricants from Dow Corning.

7th August 2017

Showa Denko to acquire silicon carbide assets from NSSMC

SiC power devices using silicon carbide epitaxial wafers can operate under high-voltage, heavy current and at high temperatures compared to silicon-based semiconductors.

28th July 2017

Wacker presents new silicone rubber for household, automotive sectors

The new silicone rubber features good resistance to superheated steam.

21st July 2017

Researchers develop soft, stretchy fabric-based sensors for wearables

Hybrid silicone-fabric sensor detects fine motor movements by flexing with the body.

30th June 2017

Wacker, Royal Tech sign partnership agreement for new heat transfer

Key medium in CSP systems, Wacker's HELISOL silicone fluid features very high heat resistance and durability.

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