Towards ‘good’ construction

Towards a ‘good’ construction

7:41 AM, 13th September 2017
Towards a ‘good’ construction

Editorial of Chemical Today magazine.

Just the other day, I was working in my office, when in the background the loud humming of cranes managed to reach my ears. The building behind our office was being demolished, to make way for a sprawling business park in the vicinity. Cranking up the area, smashing the cemented walls and spreading dust all over, the cranes kept at it for three consecutive days. The constant hum of the cranes eventually merged with my thoughts, sending me into a whirlwind.

To escape all the dust and din, I decided to stay home and peacefully work with the article. Just when the thoughts were getting aligned, the sound of a drilling machine made itself heard in the room. The drilling was part of the maintenance, waterproofing activity on the terrace and the shrill drill went on until the wee hours of the evening.

Both the situations might just sound as if they are part of our day to day life. The scene is all to familiar amidst the growing urbanization. Modern urbanization and infrastructure development has also given an impetus to the raw material industry such as the construction chemicals market.

It has become more than necessary to approach construction in a scientific manner, given its diverse set of applications across residential, non-residential as well as nonbuilding infrastructural activities such as roads, highways and expressways.

There is a science in everything - to make the structures sturdier than ever, to make them ecologically compliant, to make them economical and to make them last for centuries. To understand the nuances of the scientific approach, read up about our detailed coverage on the construction chemicals market.

Added to this, we also explore the world of Solvents in the current issue. Among other changes, the Solvents market is looking to adopt bio alternatives. For this the industry is working with the potential of soy (a staple food item), to make the Solvents more environment friendly.

Further, take a glance at our logistics interview, where we capture the trends, growth and development in the chemical logistics and supply chain landscape in India.

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By Shivani Mody,

Editor In Chief.


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