Victor Moritz Goldschmidt founder of modern geochemistry, crystal chemistry

Victor Moritz Goldschmidt – founder of modern geochemistry & crystal chemistry

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Biography & contributions


Victor Moritz Goldschmidt was born on January 27, 1888


Goldschmidt was a mineralogist


He is considered as founder of modern geochemistry and crystal chemistry


Goldschmidt was developer of the “Goldschmidt Classification of elements.”


He determined the crystal structure of over 200 different compounds


Goldschmidt described Goldschmidt classification


He pointed out the importance of the primary geochemical differentiation of the elements during geological evolution


Goldschmidt classified the elements in the earth into four groups


In 1912 He got Norwegian scientific award


Goldschmidt showed that the size of the constituent atoms was of prime importance in explaining mineral composition


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