Irving Langmuir discovered clouds seeded with dry ice producing rain

Irving Langmuir – inventor of high-vacuum tube & hydrogen blowtorch

Article on Irving Langmuir

Biography & contributions


Irving Langmuir was born on January 31, 1881


Langmuir was an American chemist and physicist




1928, Perkin Medal


1932, Nobel Prize in Chemistry


1934, Franklin Medal


1944, Faraday Medal


His first major development was the improvement of the diffusion pump


Langmuir invented high-vacuum tube


He also discovered that twisting the filament into a tight coil


Langmuir coined the term covalence


He used the term ‘plasma’


Langmuir invented hydrogen blowtorch


He discovered that clouds can be seeded with dry ice and iodide to trigger a reaction producing rain or snow


Langmuir is the namesake of the Langmuir isotherm


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