Izaak Kolthoff Father of Analytical Chemistry developed polarograph

Izaak Kolthoff – father of analytical chemistry

Article on Izaak Kolthoff

Biography & contributions


Izaak Kolthoff (Izaak Maurits (Piet) Kolthoff) was born on February 11, 1894


Kolthoff was a highly influential chemist


Awards & Medals


1949, Nichols Medal


1950, Fisher Award


1960, Minnesota Award


1964, Charles Medal


1964, Willard Gibbs Medal


1964, Polarographic Medal


1981, Olin-Palladium Medal


Areas of research








Theory and application of indicators


Acid-base equilibria and titrations in aqueous and non-aqueous media


Formation, properties and aging of precipitates








Induced reactions


Kolthoff developed polarograph


He is widely considered the Father of Analytical Chemistry


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