Ahmed Zewail – Father of Femtochemistry

Ahmed Zewail – father of femtochemistry

Biography & contributions


Ahmed Zewail is born on February 26, 1946


Zewail is an Egyptian-American scientist and Nobel Laureate


He developed a new way of using ultra-short pulsing laser flashes to observe and isolate chemical reactions down to the femtosecond (one quadrillionth of a second)


Awards & Medals


1993, Wolf Prize in Chemistry


1997, Tolman Medal


1997, Robert A. Welch Award


1999, Grand Collar of the Nile - Egypt's highest state honor


1999, Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Priestley Medal


2011, Davy Medal


Zewail revealed previously unknown aspects of the transition states of chemical reactions


He has also studied 4D electron microscopy


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