Johann Josef Loschmidt symbolized benzene nucleus worked Ally,Vinyll moieties

Johann Josef Loschmidt – pioneer in physical chemistry

Article on Johann Josef Loschmidt

Biography & contributions

Johann Josef Loschmidt was born on March 15, 1821

Loschmidt was a pioneer of 19th-century physics and chemistry

He symbolized the benzene nucleus by a large circle and of many aromatic chemicals

In 1865 Loschmidt estimate the size of the molecules that make up the air

He given first representation of

  • Allyl moieties
  • Vinyl moieties
  • Cyclopropane

Loschmidt mentioned double- and triple-bond marks

He is the first realistic displays of atomic sizes and bond distances (largest overlap with triple bonds)

Loschmidt given set of diagrams with correct C=12, N=14, O=16 formulas

He had given first line-formula notations - rational formulas

Loschmidt explained revelation of hexavalent and tetravalent sulfur

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