Frederick Augustus Abel co-inventor of cordite

Frederick Augustus Abel – co-inventor of cordite

Cordite is a family of smokeless propellants.
Article On Frederick Augustus Abel

Biography & contributions

Frederick Augustus Abel was born on July 17, 1827 - died on September 06, 1902. Frederick's important invetigations is on chemistry of explosives in specific manufacturing of guncotton. He developed a process for the conversion of nitrated cotton to fine pulp.

Frederick extensively researched the behaviour of black powder. He devised the Abel test which is useful for determining the flash point of petroleum products.

Along with James Dewar, Abel invented cordite. In 1893, he created baronet.In electricity field Abel studied the construction of electrical fuses.

Gunpowder/Black powder

Gunpowder or black poswer was the first chemical explosive is a mixture of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate.Gunpowder thus makes a good propellant, but is less suitable for shattering rock or fortifications. Gunpowder was widely used to fill artillery shells and in mining and civil engineering.


Cordite is belongs to family of smokeless propellants.Cordite began as a double-base propellant. In the 1930s triple-base was developed by including a substantial proportion of nitroguanidine. The composition of cordite was changed to 65 per cent guncotton and 30 per cent nitroglycerine.

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