Why Theobromine is Toxic to Dogs and Other Pets?

Why Theobromine is Toxic to Dogs and Other Pets?

Why Theobromine is Toxic to Dogs and Other Pets?

Does anybody know chocolate can cause toxic/death to our pets?

The main culprit is, a compound present in chocolate i.e., theobromine. Theobromine poisoning or chocolate poisoning occurs mainly in dogs, but occasionally this type of poisoning occurs in cats and other domestic animals.

The amount of theobromine compound diverges depending on the type of chocolate. For example, products like cocoa powder, dark chocolate contain higher levels of theobromine compared to milk chocolate.


Theobromine is a bitter plant alkaloid which is found in cacao plant, having the chemical formula C7H8N4O2. It is commonly found in chocolate, as well as in leaves of the tea plant, and the cola nut/ kola nut (1.0-2.5%). Theobromine has a similar, but lesser effect when compared to caffeine on the human nervous system.

Theobromine can also be found in small amounts in guarana berry and in tea plant. 28 grams of milk-chocolate can accommodate approximately 60 milligrams of theobromine but 28 g (1 oz) of dark chocolate accommodate about 200 mg (3.1 gr).

Theobromine Therapeutic Uses

Theobromine can increases feeling of well being, act as antidepressant, stimulates central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular system, muscular system and diuretic effect. It can lower the blood pressure. Chocolate Theobromine also shows promise in tooth decay prevention.

Side Effects/Negative Effects of Theobromine

Serious and acute poisoning effects can happen more frequently in our pets, in which metabolize theobromine supplement much more slowly than humans, and can easily consume enough chocolate to cause chocolate/theobromine poisoning. The most common victims of chocolate theobromine poisoning are dogs, for which it can be mortal for them. The toxic dose for other pets like cats is even lower than for dogs. In dogs, the biological shelf-life of theobromine is 17.5 hours; in adverse cases, clinical symptoms of theobromine poisoning can persist for 72 hours.

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