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International Literacy Day - To Place Significant Emphasis On Education

International Literacy Day - WorldOfChemicals

International Literacy day, an unforgettable day celebrated by the whole world is marked on 8th of September by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The event was focused to create an awareness on literacy & to place significant emphasis on education. The primary motive of this day is to give an inspiration for all the individuals & communities on education.

Right to education for everyone is what the tag-line of this exceptional event. The event is celebrated every year and is observed by all the UN Member States. On this fortunate event, pays a tribute to all those chemists, chemistry teachers and other individuals who constantly encourage & create an awareness on education among individuals & backward communities.

Literacy or education is more than a weapon, it plays a very important role in ones daily life & it makes you more distinguished among others. Educating yourself with the knowledge of chemistry has now become very vital, remembering a periodic table in mind can help you in several ways.

It gives a clear picture & insights of those elements, which you commonly use in everyday life. Knowing some chemical reactions will help you to avoid the chemicals that are harmful in nature. It is very necessary to know what kind of chemicals do you make use in your daily life & what’s the outcome if they react with other chemicals.

Do they have any adverse effect on environment?
Do they create issuance in your life?
How sunscreen works?
How soaps works?

Having all such knowledge will not only make you vigilant, but also make you ideal in your chemistry life.

You don’t have to be a chemical engineer to know the chemistry behind all the products you’ll use. Make sure that you have a clear idea of periodic table, and know the atomic number of several basic elements. And importantly, educate yourself with the properties of various elements & chemicals that have become a part of your life, know what is harmful to you and to the environment. For instance, know what’s there in your coffee? & additives are used in food. This s just sufficient to lead a life free of harming elements.

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