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Safe cosmetics for beautiful makeovers

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Won’t it be nice to have a radiant, skin-kissed glow all the time? How great it would be to have your eyebrows in shape, bright, glossy lips, flawless skin and perfectly styled hair? It not just gives you that ultimate chic look but also uplifts the confidence, making you more presentable.

With the growing importance among people to project their best self-image, make-up has become an unavoidable part of our daily routine. Today, the market is flooded with thousands of cosmetics of various brands. Slowly, these luxurious beauty products with their alluring features are taking over the world by their side.

A step towards safer cosmetic alternatives

Though these beauty products have become an inevitable part of our lives, the fact that they are completely not safe cannot be ignored. We often hear about the luxurious creams and lotions containing harmful chemicals, posing a serious threat to our health and overall well-being, most of them even being carcinogenic. Does that mean one should stop using cosmetics or let the toxic beauty take a toll on our safety? The answer is fortunately a NO. You can choose great working beauty and personal care products with minimal chemical exposure.

Here are few tips to choose your cosmetics wisely

  • Look for certified lables on the cosmetics you purchase
  • Learn to read the ingredients listed on the lable
  • Check for the composition on the product, avoid buying beauty products with heavy metals, parabens, phalates and 1,4 dioxane to name a few
  • Do not purchase beauty and personal care products on heavy discounts
  • Never use the products that have crossed their expiry dates
  • Switching to organic make-up products is another alternative
  • Why not choose home remedies?

Isn’t the path to safer makeovers, simple? Don’t fall for all the marketing claims, choose your cosmetics cleverly. Now is the time to flaunt your beauty with gorgeous makeovers! Spread your charisma everywhere you go! Get admired and mesmerize the world with your impressive style statement!!!

Cosmetic industry – An overview

The giant cosmetic industry is ever rowing and expected to reach $265 billion by the  end of this year. As per a report by "Global Beauty Care Products Industry 2012-2017:  Trend, profit and forecast analysis" the global cosmetic sector will see a growth of  3.4% over the next five years. With the growing  customer base, the cosmetic industry  does not see any threat in the near further. The cosmetic industry surprises us with  amazing products every year, lets wait  and see with what new goodies are they going  to excite us in the coming years!


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