Chemistry Behind Diwali Ghee Diyas Saves Your Skin From Harmful Infections

This Diwali, illuminate your home with flickering diyas!

Diwali diyas chemistry

The month of October unfolds the happiness and zest of festival celebration across India. With Diwali round the corners, our Indian folks are busy preparing for their grand event – the festival of lights. Usually recognised by lighting of lamps and bursting of crackers, Diwali is the festival of unlimited fun, sharing love and warmth.

Recently, with the changing trends, this beautiful festival is witnessing an emphasis on the firework. The enthusiasm of bursting crackers among adults and kids are alike, adding to the increasing environmental pollution.

Let us not associate this fabulous festival by bursting of crackers alone. Beyond crackers, lies many wonderful things about Diwali! The sparkling earthen lamps says it all! The flickering diyas (earthen lamps) all around the home is not just a mesmerising view, but it also has scientific significance.

The Indian tradition of lighting ghee lamps and the science behind it

Undoubtedly, the ghee lamps create a pleasant, relaxing ambience with their spectacular view. Also, they have hidden science which most of us are not aware of. The light radiating from the diyas produce electromagnetic force which energise the molecules present in the air. These energised molecules when come in contact with our skin, penetrates deep into it and activates the nerves. Hence, we feel calm, relaxed and energised when surrounded by ghee diyas all around. It is also found that these electromagnetic forces settle on the skin and can sustain there for several hours, helping to keep diseases at bay. With so many benefits of the earthen lamps, why not light them quite often?

Super cool options for a Safer Diwali

  • Brighten up your homes with earthen lamps
  • Decorate your home with fairy-tale lights and other alluring decorative
  • Minimal use of fireworks! Diwali is the festival of lights, not pollution
  • Always make sure that crackers are lit in open fields or playgrounds
  • Follow all the safety instructions mentioned with regards to firework
  • Proper clothing and footwear is necessary when dealing with firework
  • Discard the firework in an environmentally safe manner
  • Enjoy the festival by exchanging gifts and sharing love
  • Ensure pet safety

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