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Few quick facts about krypton


Krypton, symbolized as Kr, is a chemical element of period 4, group 18, with atomic number 36. The name of Krypton is derived from a Greek word “Kryptos” which means “the hidden one”. Krypton is a noble gas. Krypton is inert chemically. Krypton has a half-life of 10.76 years. Its appearance exhibits a whitish glow in an electric field.

Discovery of Krypton

Krypton was discovered by Sir William Ramsay (Scottish chemist) and Morris Tarvers (English chemist) on May 30, 1898, in Britain. It was discovered when they were studying about Liquefied air. Sir William Ramsay also got Noble Prize in Chemistry for discovering much noble gas series, including Krypton.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Krypton

Physical Properties:

  • Physical state: Gaseous

  • Krypton is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

  • Melting Point: krypton has a melting point of -157.36 degree Celsius.

  • Boiling Point: krypton has a boiling point of -153.22 degree Celsius.

  • Crystal structure: Krypton has a face-centered cubic structure.

  • Magnetism: Diamagnetic

Chemical Properties:

  • Krypton has total 6 stable isotopes.

  • On Pauling scale electronegativity of Krypton is 3.00.

  • There are two oxidation states of Krypton.

  • Krypton is unreactive gas(Inert or noble gas).

What is Krypton used for?

  • Krypton is used in photography in flashes because it is a brilliant white light source.

  • Krypton is used with argon gas in fluorescent lamps/bulbs, which reduces power consumption.

  • Krypton is used in MRI for imaging.

  • Quasi-homogeneous electromagnetic calorimeters are made using liquid krypton.

  • Krypton is also used in the detection of any leaks in sealed containers.

  • In medical, it is used to detect abnormal heart openings.

Occurrence in Nature:

Earth’s atmosphere consists of around 0.0001 percentage of Krypton. Krypton is obtained by evaporating liquid air till now. Krypton is also formed when uranium or other radioactive elements breaks down in Earth’s crust.

Unusual Facts about Krypton?

  • Krypton was discovered partially by accident, that is why it is named after a Greek word “Krypto”, means “hidden”.

  • Krypton behaves as Neon at very high temperatures but glows purple instead of red.

  • Krypton discharges a greenish yellow glow when it is mixed with other gases.

  • Krypton is present rarely on earth, but in stars in abundant quantity like the sun.

  • Krypton and other groups 18 elements on the periodic table were among the last elements to be discovered.

Slogans for Krypton:

Following are few slogans for Krypton:

  • “The non-reactive gas that sometimes reacts”.

  • “It ’s fast, it’s bright and it’s a fluorescent light”.

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