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Methyl Eugenol: Meaning, Properties, Uses and Health Hazards

Methyl Eugenol

Methyl Eugenol is a type of phenylpropanoid element which means the methyl ether of eugenol. It is produced by methylation of eugenol and has alkyl group attached to its benzene ring. Methyl Eugenol is found in various essential oils.

Its IUPAC name is 1,2-Dimethoxy-4(prop-2-en-1-yl) benzene. Other synonyms of Methyl Eugenol include:

 1. Allylveratrol

 2. 4-Allyl-1,2-dimethoxybenzene

 3. 4-Allylveratrol

 4. Eugenol methyl ether

Methyl Eugenol can be used as an insect trap. Bactrocera dorsalis or Oriental fruit flies are one of the most dangerous pests of fruit crops. Methyl Eugenol trap can be used to lure male Oriental Fruit Flies, reducing the population level in a way that mating does not occur.


Occurrence of Methyl Eugenol

Methyl Eugenol is a flavor and a fragrance that occurs naturally in various plants including some herbs, distinct food resources including spices and in natural essential oils. As per an intensive literature search conducted over the first half of 2011, the total of over 450 plant species from across 80 families was found to contain ME in essential oils from plant leaves, roots, stems, flowers or whole plant extracts.

Generally used oils which constitutes more than 0.1% of methyl eugenol are calamus, rose, tea tree oil, green myrtle, citronella, lemon balm, camphor oil.

Occurrence in food: Common culinary herbs and spices containing ME are basils, lemon grass, bay leaves, cloves, tarragon, allspice, nutmeg, and mace. Methyl Eugenol is also present in fruits such as bananas, grapefruit, and some other forest fruits.


Methyl Eugenol Properties

1. Molecular formula: C11H1402, Molecular weight: 178.231 g/mol.

2. Color/ Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow liquid, Odor: Lightly herbal odor, carnation odor, Taste: Bitter and burning taste.

3. Boiling Point: 254.7 degree Celsius, Melting Point: -4 degrees Celsius

4. Solubility: Soluble in the majority of organic solvents, soluble in ethanol, ethyl ether and fixed oils. Insoluble in glycerin and propylene glycol.

5. Stability: It is stable to air, heat, and light.

6. Decomposition: When decomposed via heating, it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes.

7. It is similar to compound elemicin but has one methoxy group missing on its benzene ring.


Methyl Eugenol Uses

Methyl Eugenol occurs naturally in various plants including some herbs.

1. As mentioned before, methyl eugenol is present in various essential oils of many plant types. These oils are extracted from these plants for using it as fragrance ingredients in various personal care and cosmetics products like perfumes, detergents, soaps, and toiletries.

2. These oils are also used as flavouring ingredients in food like in jellies, some non-alcoholic beverages, candies, ice-creams, chew gums and other relish beverages.

3. Methyl Eugenol is also used in agriculture for fruit fly attractant. It also possesses antifungal and antibacterial actions against some fungal and bacteria species.

4. Methyl Eugenol is very effective for knockdown activities, as well as for its repelling and killing effects. It may also exist in citronella oil, which is actively used in a few insects’ repellents.

5. Methyl Eugenol is a safe anaesthetics agent in rats and mice, because of its capability of inducing partial or total loss of sensation.

6. ME also acts as a booster or a precursor to male fruit flies sex pheromonal components in the rectal gland.

7. Methyl Eugenol also has antioxidant activities present in it.


Health Hazards:

 1. Exposure to this chemical compound causes nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, dysuria, renal damage, and other such symptoms.

2. Methyl Eugenol can also be irritating to the eyes and the skin.

3. During decomposition, it emits acrid smoke, irritating residuals, and toxic carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide fumes.

4. Fire Hazard: Methyl Eugenol is combustible, so can cause fire and is hazardous. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X