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2019 Trends in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Global Pharma Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is changing at a fast pace and for pharmaceutical companies to compete, they must constantly innovate their R&D activities to have an edge in the pharma industry. There are numerous new trends in the pharmaceuticals industry that will be discussed in the further sections.


1. Role of Emerging Markets

The emerging markets are influencing the global strategy for the pharmaceutical industry due to their exponential growth and high profitability. The emerging markets have increased spending power and are launching more and more new pharmaceutical products globally. The focus of emerging markets is inclining towards health issues affecting their people.


2. Increasing Healthcare Expenditure

The global healthcare industry has witnessed a drastic increase in its expenditure over the last few years. This is compelling governments throughout the globe to reassess their healthcare budgets and emphasize on lowering their costs. The healthcare industry can minimize costs through the use of apt technology and innovation.


3. Premium Pharmaceutical Products

A niche market for premium pharmaceutical products is emerging despite its higher costs. The reason for the compensation of increasing costs is due to the willingness of the customers to shell more for research on positive health outcomes. The new drug innovation. The new drug information must be tailored and communicated aptly based on the type of audience. Through the use of technology, pharmaceutical companies can easily modify new drug information and show value to clients in different engaging ways.


4. Collaboration of Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharma companies will collaborate in order to thrive in the highly competitive pharma industry. Pharma companies would have to work to together to develop new innovative pharmaceutical products, services and solutions and at the same time share expertise and skills. 


5. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The trend of mergers and acquisitions is on the rise in the pharmaceutical industry. Big pharma companies would target smaller pharma companies through acquisition bids. Some pharmaceutical companies would succeed with their M&A deals, while some would fail.


6. Emergence of New Pharmaceutical Drugs

Many news drugs will be launched in the coming years with many new molecular entities being developed. There are numerous pharmaceutical drugs in late-stage clinical development. These new upcoming pharmaceutical drugs would be available across all major pharmaceutical markets around the globe.


7. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The adoption of artificial intelligence by the pharma industry is on the rise. AI tools assist in all phases of drug discovery and development from research data mining, assisting in target identification, validation for predicting new drug properties and risks. AI software also assists in drug synthesis to achieve the desired results. AI is used to plan clinical trials and analyze clinical data. Artificial intelligence is paving way for pharmaceutical startups to work on small molecule drug discovery programs. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X