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Paint Additives-Defoamer, Dispersing Agent, Biocide & Emulsifier

Additives for paints

Why use a paint additive?

To overcome paint challenges, without diluting your paint! A good paint doesn’t need any help under ideal conditions such as average relative humidity, mild temperatures, lack of time constraints and an easy painting surface. However, including additives to paint will augment your success. 


Why blend in an additive to paint?

When it comes to painting projects, you may encounter surface and weather condition problems, which affect your results. There are conditions such as high or low humidity, cold or hot temperatures, excessive dusting surfaces which make painting difficult. These conditions can result in the reduction of painting productivity, paint adhering problems, and noticeable brush marks in the paint.


Mixing in Kimberlite additives to paint helps solve these painting problems by eliminating roller and brush marks on your painting surface and by improving paint penetration and adhesion. Kimberlite additives also allow paints to overcome difficult weather and surface conditions without changing its color or diluting the paint or affecting its performance. Trust Kimberlite additives to enrich your paint's performance, improve your painting productivity and ensure great results.

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1. Biocide Paint Additive

Kancide 6902 and Kancide 6992 are in-can preservatives, which help in preventing undesired microbial growth in your products. It is an environmentally friendly product with effective preservation capacity.


2. Dispersing Agent Paint Additive

Kanflow 45 and Kanflow 55 are dispersing agents, that prevent association of pigments and extender particles to get adsorbed onto the pigment particles and hinders the approach of particles. This results in good wetting and stabilization of pigment particles, enhancing paint properties like opacity, tinting, and gloss.


3. Defoamer Paint Additive

Tacelenechem 2024 is designed to eliminate foam, pinholes and entrapped air in water-based paints without generating surface defects. A shear stable defoamer that provides excellent long-term control for medium to high volume concentration paints and coatings.


4. Wetting Agent Paint Additive

Kancide 6920 is an emulsifier used for wetting or penetrating an object with water. These agents lower the surface tension of the aqueous liquid as well as the contact angle with the base material and facilitate wetting and penetration during the coating and dipping process. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X