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Emerging Waste Disposal Methods for Chemical Plants

Chemical industry waste disposal

Industries generate waste as a result of their manufacturing processes. They are accountable and responsible for the management of waste generated. Chemical industries are constantly in the radar due to the nature of the chemicals, that they manufacture.

Waste generated by industries is by-products of their manufacturing processes. The steps involved in handling and managing waste, such as monitoring, identification, collection, transportation, recycling and disposing of are collectively known as waste management.


1. Significance of Waste Management

Waste management is important for a healthy, clean and safe environment. It also boosts the economy as of result of improved infrastructure and better land use planning. Proper waste management would mitigate the adverse effects of pollution and promote good living conditions. 


2. Nature of Waste Generated

Chemical manufacturing plants generate waste such as spent solvent/ catalysts, process residues, solvent sludge, scrap polymers, contaminated chemical containers, and effluent treatment sludges. These wastes are generated from the commodity and specialty chemicals sectors. These sectors include industrial gases, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical products, essential oils, paints, cosmetics, and detergents.


3. Waste Management Strategies

Through the adoption of strategies such as reduction, reuse and recycle, chemical industries can reduce costs for handling and managing waste generated, improve reputation in the chemical industry as well as improve environmental performance. The strategies are listed as follows: 


4. Reduction

The main objective is to interpret and develop new production processes that minimize the waste generated at the source.


5. Reuse/Recycle

The next step involves the identification of waste generated and its subsequent classification as to whether it can be recycled or reused. Some chemical wastes can be brought back directly and reused in production, other chemical wastes must be recycled. 


6. Treatment 

Treatment is crucial for waste management especially in the case of the chemical industry, which improves the quality of generated waste by treating hazardous and toxic chemicals. 


7. Stock Clearance

Instead of disposing of the existing stock of chemicals and chemical products, chemical companies can sell their stock to other chemical companies, that would require those chemicals and equipment. These are usually surplus stock, bankrupt or returned stock.

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