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Applications of Morpholine in Chemical Industry



Morpholine is an organic chemical compound, which is used as a corrosion inhibitor, additive and used to synthesize other chemicals. The molecular formula of Morpholine is C4H9NO. Morpholine is a heterocyclic chemical compound, which has amine and ether functional groups. Morpholine is a base due to the presence of the amine. Morpholine is colorless and free of suspended matter. Morpholine is commonly used as a solvent in organic synthesis, reactions and chemical industry research due to its low cost and polarity.




1. Additives and Catalysts

Morpholine is used as an additive for adjusting pH in nuclear power plant steam systems and fossil fuels. Morpholine is also used for corrosion protection of boiler water stream systems in chemical plants. Morpholine is used for the preparation of alumina catalysts. They are prepared in the form of a gelling agent for the treatment of hydrocarbons.


2. Organic Synthesis

Morpholine is commonly used for the synthesis of enamines. It is an important ingredient to produce linezolid, which is an antibiotic used for treating infections caused by gram-positive bacteria. It is also used in gefitinib, a cancer drug. Morpholine is also used in the analgesic dextromoramide. Morpholine salts such as morpholine hydrochloride are used for the organic synthesis of intermediates.


3. Agriculture

Morpholine in the form of a chemical emulsifier is used for the protection of fruits. This is achieved through the process of waxing, where a wax layer is applied onto the fruits. This coating protects fruits from insects and fungal infestation. Ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors are the derivatives of morpholine, which are used as fungicides in cereals. Some of the morpholine based fungicides used on cereal crops are amorolfine, fenpropimorph and tridemorph.


4. Rubber Industry

Morpholine is widely used as an intermediate in the rubber industry to produce rubber vulcanization accelerators such as DTOS, MDS and NOBS. Over 50% of the demand for morpholine is from rubber vulcanization accelerators, and about 30% of rubber vulcanization accelerators are used for NOBS. 


5. Metal Corrosion Inhibitors

Morpholine is used as a corrosion inhibitor for metals such as copper, iron, lead, zinc and other metals. It is widely used in areas such as automobiles, mechanical instruments and medical equipment. Morpholine in its gas-liquid state has lower toxicity towards the environment when compared to its forerunners like cyclohexylamine and dicyclohexylamine nitrite. 


6. Manufacturing 

Morpholine is used in the manufacture of paper, glass, soap, detergent, dye and synthetic fibre. It is used to manufacture analysis reagents for nitrogen determination. Morpholine also finds applications in pharmaceuticals, tanning, textiles, household care and ceramics industries. 



In recent times, drug discovery efforts have unveiled numerous interesting morpholine based compounds. There is still a lot to be explored when it comes to the synthesis of drugs and intermediates. With the advancement in technology, morpholine will find more applications in various industries. 

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