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Challenges faced while clearing Excess Stock

Monitor Excess Stock

When it comes to clearing stock, companies face a rough time since the inventories are getting piled up the warehouse. Hence, liquidating the excess chemicals and used equipment products is a priority task as they are the question of your investment in the business. The excess stock in the warehouse is not a good sign for the business as the demand for these goods has declined. These would have caused because of the higher competition, change in economic conditions, and difference in the consumer buying pattern. In this circumstance, it is vital to building a strategy to earn money out of the stock and recover the profits. These are major problems caused due to excess inventory:


1. Imbalance in Cashflow

Surplus chemical stock affects the cash flow to the business. Any business utilizes the money earned out of the sales to pay for the inventory, but this stock does not generate cash or bring any remuneration to the company. This results in the company ending up with lack of funds for operating expenses, which causes the dip in cash-flow. Hence, resulting in an imbalance in the cash flow of the company.

2. Future Profitability

A lesser sales opportunity and an increase in the costs can reflect in one thing, a decline in the profits of the business. The most successful inventory calculations by any chemical companies can confront issues if it is not planned and strategized well. Investing in stock and not gaining anything out of it impacts the business diversely and affects the operations.

3. Obsolete Stock

Obsolete stocks or inventory cannot be sold to its customers, nor used as to manufacture new goods. We can notice how instantly the products are getting out-dated and confronting the risk of getting obsolete. This is a primary concern, when there are intense competition and the extremely competitive pricing, causing an increasing the risk of loss and affecting the business. Therefore, excess inventory is written down and the faster you get rid of it, the better. 

4. Storage

A major problem for chemical companies is storage of excess stock of raw material or finished products. The cost of the warehouse can include the factory space, utilities and the charge for maintenance of the storage area. Storage becomes a concern if the inventory is not moving faster. A company need to think of new products stock when the excess stocks use the extra space in the warehouse.

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