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Enhancing B2B E-Commerce Results with B2C Strategies

The rift is narrowing between online buyers from B2B and B2C markets. You could be missing on the great opportunity, if you are still isolating your efforts and not looking for B2C sales practices. In present times, customers from B2B markets are exploring digital avenues, looking for a simplified purchase process and researching more.


Tips for improving B2B E-Commerce 

Some considerations to deliver better results by making the most of your existing clients and make few new ones, irrespective of your domain in the B2B landscape.


1. Achieve an Initial Stage

B2B sales funnels are tedious, which involve numerous steps and exchanges. The purchase process is gradual, such that lots of time gets wasted for its processing. Gone are the days, when customers used to rely on infomercials to purchase products. Now the trend has shifted towards e-commerce, where customers from the comfort of their home or workplace can place a purchase order, which they would receive within a span of few days. Time has come to fulfill the needs by transitioning into the realm of immediate sales and impulse shopping. 


2. Emphasize on Benefits

The B2B market emphasizes on the aspects of a product or a service. Whereas, B2C markets emphasize on the benefits of a service or a product. The benefits and emotional side of a product are focused in B2C markets. A great B2B marketing campaign must link the aspects and benefits. The aspects and technical elements of the products are highlighted in terms of the benefits they offer. The reasons for their investment must be stated such as reduced stress, inventory optimization, workforce and efficiency.


3. Target the Individual

Multiple stakeholders are involved in the B2B purchase process, which involves customers, acquisition and management teams. Big buyers are mostly committees in B2B sales. However, the focus of the B2C market is on the individual buyer, who is the sole decision maker, often conducting research and making the final purchase. The objective of B2B players, must be to provide their customers with all that they require for the managing the decision process. The readers should be treated as individuals, such that a better connection is made.


4. Display Prices

The purchasing process is simple for a B2C product, where the prices, taxes levied, and shipping costs are shown. In the case of B2B products, the prices are hidden, which can be known after cumbersome processes, such as phone calls, paywalls or enquiry messages. Inspite B2B pricing being more complicated as compared with B2C pricing, it still requires a baseline and must not involve cumbersome processes that would hinder a customer from getting started. Providing the customers with a baseline would help them begin their planning.


5. Mobile Marketing

A significant segment of B2B buyers rely on mobile phone devices at some point for their purchase process. The B2B players must focus on mobile phone customers and lure them to close the deals faster. Surprisingly, many leading B2B websites are not mobile friendly. B2B E-commerce tech must be mobile optimized, such that customers can view it on their computers as well as phones. The customers must be reached in a manner that they are compelled to browse on their computers for purchase details, once they have got the idea from the phone app.



Customers in the B2B market are looking for a B2C type approach, such as Amazon or Flipkart. The B2B e-commerce is getting aligned with B2C. This provides opportunities for B2B players to enhance their business by looking for major B2C brands and reviewing their site information, marketing, targeting and hooks. This strategy would help them attract apt customers.

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