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Electroplating Chemicals - Market Dynamics

Electroplating Chemicals

Electroplating is a method used for coating the surface of a metal or an alloy with another metal or alloy with the passage of electric current in an electrolytic solution between the two electrodes, where one electrode is to be plated.



In an electrolytic cell, metal ions are present in the electrolytic solution, which are used for coating the substrate. On passage of electric current, a thin metallic layer is formed on the substrate through the deposition of metal ions from the electrolytic solution.


In case of copper electroplating, electric current is used to transfer copper ions from the copper anode to the cathode, made of a different metal. The transfer of copper ions is facilitated by an electrolytic solution such as copper sulfate solution or salt water.



There are chemicals involved in the process of electroplating, which are called electroplating chemicals. Some the electroplating chemicals are electrolyte solutions, plating bath additives, sealers, plating intermediates, cleaners, protective coatings and corrosion plating chemicals. 

The objective of electroplating chemicals is to clean the surface before coating, followed by coating and engraving of metallic surfaces. This process ensures better performance of metals, corrosion resistance and electric conductivity. Companies must obtain chemicals from the top electroplating chemicals suppliers.



The most widely used metals for electroplating are aluminum, brass, cadmium, chromium, copper, gold, iron, lead, nickel, palladium, tin and zinc. A more corrosion resistant metal is coated on the top of another metal to provide better corrosion resistance. They are also coated to provide better electrical and thermal conductivity.


Market Dynamics

The electronics and electrical industry are driving the demand for electroplating chemicals. Other industries such as automotive and aerospace are also driving the demand for electroplating chemicals. The electroplating process finds application in the manufacture of printed circuit boards along with other electronic devices.

The market is also driven by transportation equipment and industrial machinery as they require electroplated metals. The increased service life aspect of the electroplated metals is the reason for the increase in demand for electroplating chemicals. Therefore, good electroplating chemicals suppliers are essential.

However, these chemicals are regarded as the most toxic among all. Owing to the rising awareness of health and safety, the electroplating chemicals market could be affected by the environmental policies.


Regional Outlook

Electroplating chemicals are highly demanded in North America, especially the United States of America, which is leading in aerospace, electrical and electronics industries. Companies from these industries are on the lookout for the top electroplating chemicals suppliers in USA. The European market is facing high demand for electroplating chemicals because of the expanding manufacturing and automotive sectors.

The market of Asia Pacific is expected to grow with the fastest rates, as a result of its population growth and presence of disposable income. Whereas the markets of South America, Middle East and Africa are expected to grow moderately. All the top global companies are looking for the best electroplating chemicals suppliers.

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