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Chemical Spill and Containment

Chemical Spill in the sea

Chemical spills occur more frequently than what we think. Every year thousands of chemical spills occur, out of which oil spills are the greatest, which account to millions of gallons. Chemical spills take place due accidents, where pipelines, tankers, refineries, barges, storage facilities and drilling rigs are involved. These spills occur in highways, airways, railways and waterways.


Impact and Issues

Chemical spills are a consequence of improper handling of chemicals, inadequate storage system, low quality disposal containers, rupture of storage tanks and delay in disposal schedule of chemicals. Oils spills have adverse effects on the surrounding environment, aqualife, wildlife and humans. These types of spills are not very common and may be caused due to mishaps in logistics.

High risks are involved on the highways, where transportation of flammable chemicals like gasoline or corrosive acids takes place. The high number of chemical spills that happen annually, pose a risk to the health, safety and environment. These spills could harm the aquatic life, groundwater and soil for a long period.


Spill Containment

It is the process of containing chemical, oil, sewage and other spills within a drainage system or a barrier, such that it cannot escape into a water body or get absorbed by the surface.

There are numerous was to contain chemical spills, one of the methods involves the use of a pneumatic bladder or an inflatable stopper, which is placed in the outlet of a drainage system to behave like containment holder. In case of a spill, the stopper or bladder is inflated to obstruct the drain and prevent the outflow of the spilled chemical from reaching a river, stream, or the ground water. All facilities dealing with chemicals and oils can incorporate these containment systems to prevent spillage.

Another way to contain spills involves the use of chemical spill kits, which contains items required for the cleaning in the event of a leak or spill. They are used for chemical, water, sewage and other spills. A chemical spill kit generally consists of items such as gloves, disposal bags, goggles, absorbent pads and a big container with lid. Therefore, it is imperative to find the best chemical spill kits suppliers.

There are containment booms, which have barriers floating on the water. The material within the barriers lies below the surface of the water, where the contaminants or spillage is contained. Containment booms are ideal for low water levels, as they spillage or contaminants can escape, when there are strong waves. In the end, contaminants are recovered from containment booms with the help of skimmers.



There are many technologies and methods which focus on the prevention of oil spills, preparation for future spills as well as solving a spill that has occurred. In case of oil spills, it would take many years to contain the spill, like the infamous Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, which took place in 2010. Research is going on chemicals and oils spills, to avert future catastrophes. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X