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What Chemicals are Used in Car Wash?

Car Wash Chemicals

Car wash simply implies cleaning of exterior and interior of cars. Car washes can be fully automated, self-serve or full service with personnel, who wash the car. Volunteers may also wash cars for raising funds for a cause. There are numerous methods for such as tunnel car wash, steam car wash, mobile car wash, hand car wash and car wash lift. However, chemical car wash stands out, since it is known as waterless car wash, where only chemicals are used for washing and polishing the surface of the car. It is an environmentally friendly method for washing cars. This method is ideal for cars which have know dirt accumulation, such that paint is not tarnished.



Some chemicals are considered industry standards, which are needed in the car wash process. These are as follows: 



Presoak chemicals are used in the cleaning process, where the film, dirt and grime are removed from the car’s surface. A low pH presoak is composed of different acids, which helps in giving shine to cars and neutralize the soaps, which go down the drain. A high pH presoak is used to remove greasy and oily soils.



Detergents used in car wash are low pH or neutral products of high lubricity, that lift and hold soils. The soils are rinsed off and water is removed from the surface of the car, resulting in better drying of the surface. These chemicals clean and seal the cracks present on the car’s surface.


Tire Cleaner

Tire cleaning chemicals are used to remove organic and inorganic soils from abraded rubber, brake pads, etc. It comes in acidic and alkaline variations. These chemicals are sprayed on tires, brakes, wheels and suspension parts, which break down the dirt and grime. These are gently removed through agitation with a brush.


Triple Foam

They come in the form of polishes or conditioners. Conditioners are used for the cleaning of the car, whereas polishes are used for applying a layer of wax, apart from cleaning the surface. These products prepare the car’s surface to accept protectants and sealants.


Drying Agents

Post cleaning, drying agents, waxes and protectants are applied. These chemicals help in blowing of water easily. These chemicals are synthetic or mineral oil based, which are formulated to remove water from a car’s surface, by increasing the surface tension. 



Unlike waxes, protectants, paint sealants and clear coats get into the pores of a car and provide protection from elements. They provide short term protection to the finishes of car, from ultraviolet rays and climatic elements. They are both synthetic and mineral based products. 



These are polymer or wax based products that provide shine and protection against ultraviolet rays and other elements. These chemicals enhance the lubricity during the cleaning process. These chemicals protect the car from dirt, scratches and various chemical contaminants. uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. X